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Does anyone have any experience in setting up honorary contracts to work within NHS Hospitals?

I am now in an office based post but want to work 1-2 shifts a month in a local NHS Hospital to keep my skills up and am not sure where to start.

Crazy I know... having finally escaped the MDHU I'm trying to find my way back into the NHS!!

Any ideas? :?
I think some of the TA nurses use this type of contract to keep up/re-gain currency for the LSN they're in. The TA pays them MTDs, and the indiviual negotiates the honorary contract with the HR (I think) dept of the hospital concerned.
Hi Mintsauce,

If the place you are applying to is an MDHU speak to the admin office, even if you are not part of that unit they will be able to guide you from there. If not the Human Resources Department (Operational & Contracts manager) deal with that sort of stuff. They will probaly expect a letter with qualifications attached from your unit.

If you want to make some money why not go agency or apply to the trust for bank work? You then kill two birds with one stone...Keep your clinical practice up whilst getting paid.

Just find the hospital you want to work for. Ring the operator ask to be put through to human resources and away you go. Make sure you inform your unit and line manager.


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Thanks guys - the thought had crossed my mind about doing agency but my inherent lazy gene prevents me from working more hours than I possibly need! - I have already looked at the local hospitals so I will get on the phone. I wasn't sure who to ask for so thanks for your advice.


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