Honorary Brit?

Is Corporal worthy of a Brit Passport

  • No fcuking chance he is a septic

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  • Maybe if he swears allegiance to the Union Flag

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  • Yep good egg

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Corporal has been hanging around Arse and contributing for a while now, he is one of a handful of Jargonites that joined when we trashed thier site.

As much as it grieves me to admit it, I quite like him.... in a Master and dog kind of way.. nothing like a best mate or remotley linked to anything like a Brit could be...... but he's ok

He doesn't post like a typical septic and has clearly read the profanasaurus from front to back a few times.

He has yet to kill anyone in a blue on blue

Down sides
He is still a septic
He was a US Marine
He is a cnut
He slept with LNV and BB (unconfirmed but likely)

He gets my vote on a couple of conditions.

1. Absolutley no whooping or hollering or hi fiving
2. No gay songs if ever in a Brits company
3. Lags himself in light jeans and posts the pics.
4. Has this piccy as his screensaver


I like the lagging the jeans bit.

He should p1ss himself and then get rid of that stoooopid CPL picture and have the wet pants (trousers to us) as his picture.

oh, and i think he should wring them into his mouth and gargle the british national anthem.........whilst performing a british salute.

Its all or nothing im afraid!! :twisted:

Burn that silly gay flag and stand properly to attention, bending and driving not sliding yer leg in like a Navy tart... Then give a proper crisp salute to a real Flag........

Not quite like that, but I'd do her so it doesn't matter that her wrist is cocked :D
Will you say this outloud in the company of your septic coworkers?

I turn my back on my crap nation
its a gay multicultured abomination
I won't buy cream I'll use carnation
The union flag is my fixation
Stars and stripes up for mutilation
yes to wet pants, no to constipation
If don't accept I know the implication
MDN will kick my cnut through :D

God Save the Queen and the beers are on the septic
Mighty_doh_nut said:

Not quite like that, but I'd do him so it doesn't matter that his wrist is cocked :D

I'm honored, but I think I will just remain the token Spam on ARRSE.

Oh, and MC, f*ck off you gay Irish cop. :D
Corporal said:
I'm honored, but I think I will just remain the token Spam on ARRSE.
Suppose it saves us taking it off you in a Kangaroo court next week :D

Oh and I lied about saying you were alright
Are you craving an american one of these?

Mdn, we dont just give out citizenship like they do in The United States of Disney. Its all about breeding and tradition. I'm sure the only tradition corpse has is breeding with the female members of his backward family. We could offer him Welsh or Jock membership. (He has to pass a weigh in first to qualify. Get under 300lbs, corpse and the keys to Cardiff are almost yours).

Further to the self swamping picture evidence, we wish to see you punch a septic copper in the nose then lob one off over a copy of Harpers & Queen whilst wearing a tweed jacket with leather elbow pads, a pair of moleskin trousers and some green Hunter wellies whilst singing the third verse of our National Anthem. :wink:
Give the Corp a brit passport......say Corp can you get me a signed photo of Lynndie England...she's top redneck poontang
To be accepted as a true Brit,corps should don some combat 95's and stand beside a CLEARLY marked challi two whilst american piolets do a fly by.

if he gets bombed then he really is a true brit, if not........he'll just have to p1ss his pants again!! :D


War Hero
Corporal said:
I'm honoured!

How's this for a new avatar?

How often do we find septics with a sprinkling of humanity and a genuine desire to know how their neighbours across the pond think? It's bad enough trying to get our opinions across to our own politicians and journalists. F@ck Blair, Hoon, and the entire staff of the Mirror, it'd rather sit down and shoot the breeze with Corp anyday. Give the guy a vote!

Corp - Pass the good word fella! We need more thinking septics to know how their Brit counterparts think (and preferably know how to recognise the vehicles we drive!)
Truth be told Corps started relating to you Brits shortly after his lobotomy 8O

Ive never heard of a labotomy that actually ups somebodys IQ before!! :lol:

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