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  1. My father in law recokns that he did 6 months military nick, on Stonecutter's Island in 1978, instead of being flown home to MCTC Colly to do his time. Is this right or is he a walt?
  2. I thought Stonecutters closed in about '73.
    I worked in the Med centre at MCTC Colly that year and I seem to recall hearing some of the MPSC guys talking about it closing.
  3. http://www.army.mod.uk/agc/provost/2157.aspx

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  4. Walt ! :lol:
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  5. we used to go there on holiday! Is it a welsh thing to take your kids to prison on a holiday??
  6. Yep. The nick was on Stonecutters, but it had closed down by the late 70s. It was also an Ammo store ....well a f*cking big ammo store actually.

    The Sikh MDP there must have had had the best hockey team (I'm sure) in the whole of Asia at the time. They had bugger all else to do really. Nobody could beat the feckers.

    Spent a great deal of time soaking up the rays and trying not to look at bloated Whales that were the wives of various Regts that used to catch the Walla Walla over for the day.

    The bar was well stocked and well used.

    Happy days.....
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  7. I lived on the Island 78-80 and worked in the Ammunition Sub Depot.
    The nick had long closed down when I was there,youth clubs and the like used it for weekends until a lot of those Marine chappies came for an few months stay.
    Sorry to say Masher,your FiL is a walt.
  8. :lol: No not a Welsh thing. We used to go for the day. My Dad was serving at Gun Club Bks and we lived at Kowloon Tsai. IIRC, the pool was always a bit dodgy! Looked like a needed a bit of a proper clean, or maybe we always got there on a bad day. :D
  9. What can one say about Hong Kong?
    Mmmmmm, 24hr $40 mohair suit, (1s/4d) per $ back then.
    Try having one beer in each bar down one ST.. (Impossible)
    Getting chased by the US shore patrols (Yanks on RnR from Vietnam).
    Many more happy memories from them days. :D
  10. We were at North Point on the island, dad was at Stanley Fort! The other place we went was Peacehaven Island, prison at one end (drug rehab IIRC) and holiday thing the other end! The prisoners used to clean the beach at dawn every day!
  11. Oh island of Hong Kong,
    we've been out here for far too long.
    All my days I will live in fear
    of your San Miguel and your Tiger Beer

    Down to the Wanchai we must go -
    smally boys for a dollar a go.
    Down to the Fleet Club for a beer.
    Down to the Happening for a queer.


    I see woman on bended knee
    the more she bends - the more I see.
    I see squaddy by the water side
    spewing his ring on the evening tide


    (To the tune of 'Oh island in the sun' - anyone have any more verses?)

    Visited the Fragrant Harbour a coupla months back on what turned out to be a pilgrimage almost. 35 years since the missis and I met there, married and left.

    What memories - especially when I discovered the old Popeye Bar on Lockhart Road (now renamed the Cockeye Bar because of trademark issues :D ). A happy hour chatting to the mamsan about the old days - she gave me a "swizzle stick" (remember those?!) from the original Popeye :lol:

    Our apartment block on Conduit Road is still there - and still in the same $h1t state on the outside as it was in 1973. And you can still find traces of the old Victoria Ping Fong among all the new buildings i.e. the guardroom and the NAAFI.

    And it never stopped feckin' raining the whole four days we were there.



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  12. I went to school at Viccy Barracks...heady days of being dropped off at the swimming pool by the bus escort and meeting your mum there for the afternoon. Lemonade and lime and Brass Monkeys lollies, Nasi goreng and red snapper at the China Fleet Club :D Still got my school t-shirt somewhere :D
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  13. Lucky thing! My parents got rid of my sister and I at boarding school in Somerset. We endured the very long flight out three times a year, but boy was it worth it!

    I'm sure I remember Brass Monkey lollies. Also remember:

    Drinking copious amounts of Lemon Tea from a can
    Stinkies Market
    Flat roasted ducks in restaurant windows
    Hurried dim-sum with someone stood right by the table waiting to sit down!
    Junk trips
    Jelly Fish
    Star Ferry
    Chinese spitting in the street
    Swimming in the pool at Tamar

    I'm sure I can add some more in a while!
  14. HAHA! Look what I found!

  15. A photo Fort Stanley Barracks mid 60s for those of you who were there then! I'm sure it never changed...

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