Hong Kong Tailors? Any cop or just a Chogey with a sewing machine?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Hellmans, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. I realise this isn't military clothing but couldn't find a forum for civvies (I know most of the posters are though!)

    I might need to get a couple of suits for work and want something a bit smarter than Burtons or Man at C&A.

    However, I can't run to Saville Row and Banker's handmedowns wouldn't fit (skinny twat that he is).

    So, anyone used one of these Chogies who rock up to the Holiday Inn , measure you then get some 11yr old Vietnamese refugee to knock up the suit in Hong Kong and UPS it to your door?

    If so, what was the quality like? What was the fit like? Was it as good value for money as they'd have you to believe?

    Or, will I end up looking like Norman Wisdom in his old man's suit?
  2. TM Lewin

  3. Sounds like an author, are the books any good? didn't know you could read!
  4. I had several suits made by these chaps ---PROFESSION, COMFORT, REFINEMENT-L&K CUSTOM TAILOR--- - they've lasted me the years, and fit like a glove.

    And the best bit?

    Those little slant-eyed children in their sweat shop manage to fold down a suit into such a small package, it can be posted in a parcel small enough to be described as 'fabric samples', thus avoiding import duty!

    Not that I did that of course. Just in theory...
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  5. Must have brought back memories of 9x9's and trying to fold a set of No.2's into a 9" square!
  6. Double your suit requirement with a quick trip to Vietnam, that's my suggestion.
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Lewin's are tie makers who've expended (Freudian typo - I meant expanded!) into the massed market to satisfy Chav's. As far as shirts and suits go they are crap!

    MM, the thread that you want to trawl is this one:


    There are very mixed views about the travelling Honkers guys, generally tending towards the negative.

    Sub £400 I'd go for an off the peg tailored to fit from Copperfield (Moorgate). I'm not up to date with the current M2M/Bespoke market but Sandbanks will be; drop him a PM!
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  8. Have you tried Hornets in Kensington? I have had 4-5 2nd hand suits out of there and, for the cost, they are superb!

    Work a look but be prepared to spend some time searching and trying on! And take cash, you'll get a discount.
  9. Hong Kong regulars will remember the Chunking Mansions - it's still there, btw.

    Avoid "Mr Chan" (they're all called 'Mr Chan' even if they're obviously Pakistanis). Chan'll knock you up a suit in 30mins and when you unwrap the parcel, it will be made of pages from the South China Morning Post, licked into shape by male prostitutes.

    My advice? Go to Marcos and Spensorius.

    Most people who buy 'suits' in Honkers end up with the sort of safari outfit that Keith Floyd (one of my heroes) used to sport.
  10. I can happily recommend William Cheng & Sons, 8th Floor, Han Hing Mansion, 38 Hankow Road, Kowloon. I've been using them for 14 years - excellent tailors.
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Guys, reread the initial post. MM is talking about visiting tailors, not the on location ones! :)
  12. Chunking Mansions wow that brings back Memories. We used to go there to a dodgy Triad outfit on the 3rd floor with an indoor Waterfall & Koi Carp pond to get our rip off watches. A few Jackie Chan lookalikes always hovered about. We were told never to go there unless we were in a party of three or more. Got myself a good Rolex copy that worked well for years and my Girlfriend at the time a nice Gucci watch with a light tan Calfskin strap. She had Verdigris & a green tinge to her wrist within 4 days.
  13. Sadly true about Lewins, they were the only shop where one could get colonial forces' silk ties and their Brigade ties were the best.
    Since then, they've been bought out a number of times and followed the Pinks route.
    Their suits are evidently a new edition, when I was last in Blighty their shirts were clearly going the way of Pinks.

    Here in Thailand, like Honkers, the suit makers are two-a-baht and pretty shoddy.
    One establishment much frequented by visiting US lawmakers [George Bush Snr's card is in the changing room], military & LEOs has no wish to put proper buttoned cuffs let-alone turn-ups or braces' buttons.
    Their clientelle don't know and they can't be bothered.
    They charge £250 for a suit that you can buy better off-the-pegg at M&S.
    The one place that does at least know about proper tailoring in BKK and used by HM the King of Thailand, charges around £2000 for a suit!
    Mind you the wool they use out in the tropics is all lightweight and may not be what you want.