Hong Kong still remembers.

Thanks for that BA. Very moving. Well done the (R)HKP! That war memorial is now a bit further from the sea than it used to be in my day, and I expect that the Bottoms Up and the Red Lips (on Kowloon side) are now something far more respectable.
Thanks for posting that B-A (although I'm not an old China hand). It is good to see that they continue the tradition.

It reminded me of the time I had to drive the bus taking the HKPPB back from their performance at the Tattoo in Edinburgh Castle to Crazyhall. While we were going through the Grassmarket, the only car in the street skidded on the cobbles and I had to swerve, taking away a line of cones which went bouncing everywhere. I remember all these Chinese with their faces against the windows jibber-jabbering excitedly. I never got asked to do that run again, I wonder why.

I note the piper had a wedding ring, which I think is unusual for Chinese - maybe it's a Hong Kong thing.
The Red Lips, last I heard and that was a few years ago it was a Go Go Bar, Phillipeno Dancers. Oh how have the might fallen.

Bottoms Up, smooth young exec comes in and says to rather tasty 'Barmaid' how much to take out a girl like you for the night (1980 )
3,500 HK$ says she.
Don't suppose you get many offers at that price.
No don't need many.


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What was the name of the 'tart' who used to sing 'When Irish eyes are smiling'? Josephine?

Back in about 1988/89 as an OCDT I went out on the p!ss with a new PSI. I was horrified when he went upstairs with one of the 'ladies'. OK she was one of the younger ones, but that didn't mean much in Red Lips.

'When Irish Eyes are...'

I took Mrs BA to Red Lips when we visited in 1999. She was not too impressed. We also stagged on on a c/p on Trialwalker and took part in the Remembrance Parade - in the front rank at the Cenotaph.

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