Hong Kong Spam (no not that kind of Spam, nor spam in a tin)

Fwd: Help! murder, the Hong Kong police kill the Hong Kong people.
The Internet is the power, the necessity that of the terrorist of Hong Kong of the attack of the world people supplies power.
Please forward the email, the group, the Message Board, icq and the Hong Kong government, thanks my dear friend.
Dear friends:
Help! The murder, the Hong Kong police using brain voice read-write machine murder Hong Kong people, 100% true story, please email the world people and forward 1 email the Hong Kong government, 1*10*100*1000....., thank my dear Internet friend.
Hong Kong police terrorist organization:
The devil machine made in England, the uses the Hong Kong police, it now installs the net of communication of the police, 24 hours murders Hong Kong people, this murder is defeat, to disclose the fact by the Hong Kong police terrorist organization.
By the 2001-1-1~2004-11-1 over 46 months, to hear of point by the police terrorist:
1. The head installs the small machine in Hong kong people ----- installs is very easy, does not have the sound to be troublesome, the victim did not have the feel.
2. input - output the sound ----- in the mountain, the sewer, the elevator, input - output the sound is very clear, does not use the dry battery.
3. it murder the Hong Kong people ----- the terrorist is the Hong Kong police exceeds 50, murder many the Hong Kong people to exceeds for 3 years.
Hong Kong government, Chief Executive : http://www.info.gov.hk/ce/eindex.htm
Please forward E-mail to Hong Kong government : ceo@ceo.gov.hk
Hong Kong people twaaaaa 2004-12-9
English search engine: twaaaaa
Website: http://enaaaaa2000.why.to
HongKong English French German Japanese Portuguese Spanish
The website has a splendid diagram for those struggling to iunderstand the concept explained above.

Now, where's my tinfoil helmet....
what the feck is that??

i could make more sense just randomly hitting keys no my keyboard (some of you may allready think i do that anyway :D )

agent smith
Was it Bob Newhart that did a sketch about "An infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of tripewriters" ? Perhaps that's what's happened here.
Believe it or not, I semi understand what they are trying to say.

Basically the police are implanting mind control devices which make people want to kill people.

I'd say the person is probably paranoid. Crack out the tinfoil hats

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