Hong Kong service medal ?

My grandfather was a Fleet Chief PO in the RN and served untill 1959. My granny wears his medals at church parades. Today at lunch a friend asked about the HK Medal. I Googled it and found the following link.

Was this a formally issued medal ? If it was I would like to get one for my grandmother.

I was out on detachment in Sek Kong & HMS Tamar in the 1980's but don't recall seeing it.



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I'm just guessing but the lack of the queens profile means it looks like a commemorative medal.


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This must be the all-time Walt's medal! These sort of buy-from-a-catalogue gongs should NEVER be mounted with pukka ones. It's just inviting scorn, contempt and laughter from anyone who sees them.
Available to all former civil and military personnel who served for a minimum period of six months in The Crown Colony of Hong Kong, in addition eligibility is extended to include next of kin and direct descendants
Does this mean my sister can have one for being born out there?


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I was there in the 60's. At a far flung place called Fan Ling. Our task was to man the op at Robins Nest and hold off the invading hordes. All 28 of us, with twenty rounds each. Oh, and 100 for the Bren. And two 36 grenades.

But it was cheap there, and a good posting. We used to go to Sek Kong 3 mornings a week for early morning Morse training. That was very helpful when one had a hangover from Hell. I deserve that medal.
The Hong Kong Service Medal is purely a commemorative medal and can be found at http://www.awardmedals.com/index.php?cPath=26. As far as I know it is not authorised for wear. If you buy one from Award Medals 10% of the price is donated to SSAFA. There is also a Royal Hong Kong Police Commemoration Medal for those who served before the Chinese handover in 1997 and which the Commissioner of Police has authorised the wearing of on HKP uniforms. I don't know if this applies to ex-RHKP people outside of Hong Kong, though the RHKP Association appear to think so - see http://www.rhkpa.org/index.php, and it is also shown on the following web site: http://www.medals.org.uk/united-kingdom/united-kingdom-text.htm.
What about accumulated service, I must have qualified on trips through for a fashion upgrade at Sams and a banzai session at The Bottoms up. Fun days, but your right its a Walt gong, and we all know those are NO NO's.

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