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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pantsoff, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Chaps I have a feeling I have a Walt out here in the "hot sandy place with lots of expensive cars". We have a cnut who lives a few doors down from us who says he is ex RHK Police and some other stuff. He is now the Chief Strategic Officer for a very prominent company out here.

    I want to see what he has to say on his service, but I am naturally not ex RHK, so was wondering if any ARRSE's who were could help me?

    I would like to ask him some questions that only you would know if you served.

    Or as we do on our other Walts a name check?

    Chin Chin

    Pants Off

    (Walt Finder General Hot and Sandy Place)
  2. He should be able to rattle off some of the the main triads - Sun Yee On, Wo Sing Wo, the 14K and Wo On Lok without any thought.

    He should also know some of the main ranks - 49'er, Red Pole, Straw Sandal, Incense Master.

    All ex-pat HK cops have to learn Cantonese, so he should smack you if you say "due lay low mow" to him - 'Go and feck your mother'. The local slang for cops is "chai low".

    I'm probably seeing at least one current ex-pat HK cop for beers in the next day or so, so I'll ask them for some more questions.
  3. i thank you.

    The ranks, they are nick names?
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  4. Why would anyone lie about being a HK Policeman? In my day, if you were going for a commission, HK Police was the very last resort after RAF Regt.
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  5. As a newbie to ARRSE, can I ask a question. Why the obsession with getting people to prove they are what they say they are? I can, to an extent, understand the vitriol with which people are viewed when they say they served when they haven't, given the fact that soldiers are dying on a daily basis. But a Hong Kong cop? If he wants to big himself up then surely he's the one that's going to take the shit when it all goes belly-up. Does it really affect your life to the extent where you need to expend your time and effort on checking him out?

    It's just a personal opinion, that's all.
  6. Try seeing how he feels about 'Big Spender' or knows how he came a-cropper? :)
  7. Don't forget 'Broken Tooth'!
  8. It's internet related. See number 150 things killed by internet

    1) The art of polite disagreement
    While the inane spats of YouTube commencers may not be representative, the internet has certainly sharpened the tone of debate. The most raucous sections of the blogworld seem incapable of accepting sincerely held differences of opinion; all opponents must have "agendas".

    Previously in real non-cyber life, if someone was a boring, bluffing cnut one would be forced in to a number of different courses of action:
    a. Ignore and avoid
    b. Deck him (if smaller)
    c. Ambush when leaving bar (if bigger)
    d. Promote to field rank and send off to be SO2 Seagulls Benbecula (Officers' mess option only)

    The anonymity of the internet and ability to post without directly engaging brain is great for ensuring that any minor disagreements or gross claims of being the 3rd man on the balcony can roll on and on. Google James Shortt and see how many arrse hits come up!
    It can also gives meaning to life for some, especially if your only companionship is marine avians and the only view out of the office window is the north atlantic

    SO3 Guano
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  9. Mate ask him if he knows what the acronym ICAC stands for?

    International Commission Against Crime/Corruption. Used to be the IPCC in its day and was located on Hong Kong Island.
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  10. PM sent
  11. If he's an old scottish chap formerly RM prior to HKP I wouldn't push your walt finding agenda too far :)
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  12. Ask him if he knows what´s number 53 on the menu at Yan Toh Heen at the Intercontinental. If he says Paella, the man´s a hopeless fraud.

    I´d love to be a fly on the wall at the great interrogation - it reminds me of Gareth Keenan Investigates. By the way, do you bring your lunch to work in a mess tin?
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's Independent not International but ICAC actually stands for 'I Cannot Accept Cheques' or 'Interfering with Chinese Ancient Customs'.
  14. You've got to love that epilepsy-inducing website, don't you? I particularly liked

    Well I suppose some of the streets are beautifully swept.