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I'm not entirely sure where this request should be posted, but I suppose the Int Cell is as good as any, so...? Think back, waaay back. The HKMSC were 'regs' right? - albeit LEPs. So, did those who received their long gong get the usual Regular Army issue, or did they receive a special Hong Kong variant like the territorials of the RHKR? Whilst I've seen HK versions of the Efficiency Medal, I have not seen one for their regular counterparts.
I believe that they received the same LS&GC as we do, didnt it add to their points at the draw down for a brit passport if they held the LS&GC?
The LSGC given to the HKMSC was the same as the Regular Army. After the handover we had an ex SSgt joined our TA and he had the LSGC from HK. He later got the TEM for serving in the UK TA. :wink:
Thanks for that. A possibly unique group for that man.


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There's a Chinese take away in between Deepcut and Frimly Green which belongs to an ex_Honk Kong Men's Singles Club bloke. He always uses the phonetic alphabet when you 'phone thru your orders.

There were also couple of ex-HKMSC/RMP working enlisted as MPGS in Telford last time I was there (1998) so they get about.

BTW the The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) were not territorials, we were not part of the British Army although we were part of the ORBAT of the 48 Ghurka Infantry Bde.
2 of the HKMSC ODPs now owna chip shop in Kettering.

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