Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speedy, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. Yes, Kai Tak closed ages ago!
  2. It closed in 1998.
  3. You don't go into Kai Tak anymore - The current HK airport is Chek Lap Kok.

    However you are right... Kai Tak was (I think) the only airport with a curved approach and the pilots had to be specially trained / certificated. Never been there but bet it was something different.
  4. Wow, that brought back some memories :D Best landing I have ever experienced, and its been the only time that I have witnessed 90% of the passengers turn a subtle shade of green :lol:

    I just wish I had had the pilots eye view and not seat A row 15 in cattle class :(

    Thanks for posting
  5. was posted there for a year, and the landing was something else, nothing but sea on three sides of you.
    Osbourne Bks was under the flight path to Kai Tak, and the sharp right turn that the planes took was visible from my bedroom window. I could see the chequerboard where the planes turned behind my a/c unit as I lay in bed. Watching tv was near on impossible twice a day as the planes were going over every 4 minutes.
    The Cathay Pacific pilots would always try to fly as close to the hatch bar in Osbourne bks as possible. There was a bar downtown were you could get onto his roof and watch the planes fly over you while resting on sunloungers.
    I only landed there once, and only took off once as well.
    Not sure when it closed, but the new airport itself was finished (if not actually functioning) in mid 97 when I came home.
  6. Likewise - definately one of the most entertaining airports (as a passenger)to land at. Did it a couple of times in 1995, and definately turned most passengers green (and a few pilots too)! The locals who lived under the approach must have had some of the most pronounced deafness on the planet.

    Although, I do look at The Hudson River in a whole different new light these days, when flying into Newark. :)
  7. I was waiting for the footage of Cathay Splash, most disapointing.
  8. I've never been able to sleep on planes, but somehow managed it on the approach to Kai Tak. Bugger. :(

    "Cor! Did you see that?" "See what?"
  9. aah kai tak airport, i used to sit for hours staring out of the balcony watching various aircraft do their approach. fly straight towards the checker board then chuck in a right turn at the required moment, it used to amaze me how some of them landed the angles they approached at, some of them looked like they were landing sideways.
  10. Thrill seekers should also try Innsbruck Airport, its a roller coaster of fun!!
  11. I lived in Infantry House, Osborne Bing Fong for two years.....those checker boards were right on the hill just behind the block.
    Made for some interesting photos.....especially when a Typhoon was blowing up and they were trying to get as many as they could on the ground.

    Ahh, two years of alcoholic haze.
  12. :D our flats at North Point looked down onto Kai Tak, i spent hours sat watching the planes from the sun terrace on the roof!! Or wandering round Stinky's market watching the pale faces of abject terror looking out of the windows as they seemingly just missed the rooftops :D
  13. We lived for 6 months in a high rise on Boundary Street, before moving up to Durham Court on Kowloon Tsai.

    Was great fun watching the airliners pass about 100 ft overhead and, eventually, easy enough to sleep through.
  14. anyone there when the Air China jumbo fell off the run way into the sea, think it was 1994, I was at the BMH, heard it on the radio, we could see the tip of the runway from the coffee room but couldnt quite see the plane in the sea.
    Went out on a flight not long after, the plane was out of the sea and on land, all markings had been obscured.