Hong Kong Coppers Stick Together

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. I've always thought Hong Kong to be a fairly un-corrupt place, but this case makes me wonder

    Not having a bike bell? FFS...
  2. Update:

  3. Bloody cyclists. Does he think that he's Hong Kong's answer to Katie Melua?
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  4. They don't have bike lanes in Central in Hong Kong for a reason! What a cock this turner chap seems to be!
  5. Strictly speaking they are compulsory in the UK, IIRC...
  6. The Hong Kong Police are reasonably fair minded, as good as, or better than, most. I have always found them extremely helpful and fair minded. If you bugger them about, however, then you deserve what you get.

    It looks like this Turner chap is trying to make a point, and not very well. He is guilty, after all, no bell for ****'s sake!

    There are very, very few people who cycle in this area, and the locals that do use the tram lane.
  7. The RHKP was known as the best police that money could buy. Before I joined of course.
  8. Cyclist's can be very aggressive. They are not motor cars, yet they often act like they own the road. A few months ago, my car actually stopped working as I was driving along. As I used the falling momentum to get to the side of the road out of the way of the traffic, a cyclist overtook me banging his fist on the car windows because we had dared to get in his way.

    If my knee's weren't so fucked, I would have chased the bastard. I understand how vulnerable someone on a bike can be but many of them have an almost childish attitude and have no consideration for other road users at all.
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  9. Would the HK Department of Justice be interested in hiring a UK jury? Just to ensure that there's no suggestion of racism influencing the verdict, you understand...
  10. 'Fragrant grease' will always overcome racism.
  11. Everybody was Kong Foo cycling...

    ...Rick Shaw?
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  12. Was she cheap?
  13. A few years back, I was stopped by the HK police for driving one of these:


    in a pedestrianised area of Cheung Chau. After a stern bollocking, I was made to carry it back to the road. As justice goes, it seemed fair enough.
  14. I bumped into a couple of HK OB chums this evening, and even they said that the 'riding without a bell' charge was an own goal. The cyclist chappie may well have form for previous bike vs. car argy-bargies, but the ex-cop is apparently 6 feet + and chunky (unusual for a HK Chinese cop) and it' s not beyond the realms of possibility that he did get his fore-arm across the cyclists throat.
  15. How come they were not disbanded when we gave honkers back to the chinese?