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First visit to HK and looking for the benefit of experience, where's the best boozers around Hong Kong (not Kowloon)? Had enough of banker FILTH (Failed In London Try Hong Kong) just want a beer or ten without having to get into champagne drinking contests and maybe a bit of entertainment on the side.


I fail to see what you issue is with Kowloon. There are plenty of good bars, I went to lots, none of them full of Bankers guzzling Chamers.

Aqua Spirit - right at the top of the Tower . A great bar, with a great view. Not as pretentious, or expensive as you'd think considering. Worth visiting just after dark to catch the lazer show across the harbour.


Thank you, Smudge. No issue with Kowloon, just need to be nearby the the office near Causeway Bay. Just had a horrible evening with banker types last night and would like the opportunity to buy a drink without having to pull out my collection of Executive Travel cards and Credit Cards for their delectation. The shower of cunts!
Oh I see. Get the star ferry over, it's just the other side of the water. There's also an Irish bar (I know I know!) not far from 1 Peking road, called Delaneys, which I had a good night in once.
Like anyone is going to trust your judgement on bars? Heheheheheeeeee.
If was going to suggest somewhere dodgy I would recommend the Golden Chicken Karaoke Bar (where I ended up until 7am after Delaneys)

Yakuza run......you pay to get in, pay for a girl(s) to "look after you" and all the booze is free. We had a cracking night in there, despite arguing over the bill in the morning (and working it out to have cost less than £50 a head, despite drinking solidly for 7 hours)

Notice the bucket of ice, full if tins on the table, you drink them, they bring more, you drink them, they bring more, you drink th.......you get the idea.

We got an invite back.....but I assumed that was so the local thugs could fill us in, and they could reclaim their money that I wouldn't pay? So I never went back.


1997 was the last time i got bladdered there, so this may be a little out of date

Carnegie's in Wanchai (or anywhere on Lockhart Rd), Mad Dogs in Lan Kwai Fong, Delaneys in TST, Bulldog Bar in TST (good cottage pie in there), the place where Gazza went in the dentist chair (is it called China White? was well bladdered there anyway) plus a whole load of smaller places who#s names escape me. i used to get off the main drags and try all the small locals bar, had some quality drunk-ons in there (once the locals had established you weren't plod)

best tour of my life, that was, had a ruch lass on the go and was the only time i even thought about going AWOL. Happy days
the place where Gazza went in the dentist chair (is it called China White? was well bladdered there anyway)
I believe it was the Dragon-i in Soho, it's a bit full of slebs though. Try the Captain's Bar in the Mandarin Oriental if you want a "colonial" sort of place, or Post 97 in Lan Kwai Fong.
Lan Kwai Fong is party central, and as already mentioned, Hennessey Road, Lockhart Road and Luard Road in Wanchai for more serious drinking.

From memory the Gazza dentist's chair was in The Wanch. Bars like the White Stag, Old China Hand, Devils Advocate and Old Bell Inn tend to attract more old China hand types than bankers.

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