Hong Kong 7s

Bin Cathay Pacific, I flew to Honkers last year for £200 return with Oasis Hong Kong.
Definately, thats what I went to do. My missus was travelluing and I met up with her there.

Don't get me wrong, the price may be more because of the 7s but then I went over at Chinese new year so maybe not.

It was a buck standard flight, food was ok, leg room acceptable. I must admit I didnt see much of it as I was only 4 days from returning from the 'Stan and I couldnt be arrsed to sit bored looking at the back of someones head so relied heavily on Diazepan (prescribed naturally) to take me to the land of nod

Mr Happy

Sing and Honkers are nothing like each other, they're about 4.5hrs apart (so think NYC to London). Or London to Egypt....

But both great in their own right, I prefer Sing but its that teutonic desire for order that I like,

Mr Happy

consider it done, they'll be some gloating, and some you tube video and pictures and probably some drinking in the report so please forgive me.

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