Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by DozyBint, Feb 22, 2005.

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  1. Any ARRSErs going to be displaying themselves in the South Stand?

    **Stand up if you hate the French** 8) :lol:
  2. would have been there but the missus booked flights back to the UK.... wish she'd look at the bloody calendar first!
  3. Unlucky lancs... :roll: Divorce?! :lol:

    Loads of us from S'pore are going...
  4. So is NO-ONE else going?! :evil:
  5. next time - irony is she loves rugby and is kicking herself as I type!
  6. Dozy Bint

    Pay attention to the adverts around HK, particularly on the airport train. If you see one which has a pretty blonde bird in a pink feather bower (spelling?), wearing pink silk devil horns, with a plastic pint of heiniken wedged down her cleavage with two staws, and blowing a handful of pink feathers at the camera - then that is my missus.

    She was the multi-capped player/chairwoman of HK ladies RFU 97-02 and was the advertising "face" for the last two 7s.

    Sorry I cannot be there this year. Best piss-up on the planet, bar none. Have a good one.
  7. Thanks exXIX! Went last year for first time: utter carnage - FABULOUS! :twisted:

    If I see ad will take pic & post on here!!
  8. Absolutely toppers p*ss-up, was there for the Cup in '97, can just about remember the final. And the Foster's girls!
  9. Well 2005 was better than 2004 (other than the fact that Fiji won, not England :( but hey, at least the Aussies & Kiwis didn't! :twisted: ) & I didn't think it was possible to beat it! Roll on 2006 if it really does get better each year! 8) :lol: