Honey Comb - Bullet Proof Tyres...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gundulph, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. Just came across these today:



    Apolo-logies if they have been shown before, I couldn't find them in a search...
  2. Can you get them for a Renault Clio..?
  3. Michelin announced the trial version a few months ago. Looked nice on the beemer alloys.
  4. Jeeze - another one of my "thought" ideas gone up the crapper without me, I seriously mentioned an idea similar to this when I worked as a Bibendum monkey for a while 20 years ago.
  5. Mate! I know how you feel, when I was 13 I was 'tasked' by my old man to strip all the paint in the house, doors, skirting boards, window surrounds etc. prior to a repaint, after a day of using a handheld burner ahead of a scraper, I thought why the fek hasn't someone invented a scraper and burner in a oner! I wrote off to the American Inventing Board (a Company found in one of the Sun pages, it was a good read back then!) they sent me a load of graph paper and forms to fill in and told me I needed to make a prototype in order to get the patent, I was 13 FFS!!! it all ended up in the bin, lo & behold 4 or 5 months later my design, slightly altered, was available in Woolies and all other crap shops and was manufactured by Black & Decker!!! that company must have sent my design on after not hearing from me *******!

    I think after Planet Earth being around for over 4 Billion years that this couldn't have been just coincidence.

    The Motto of the story is, if you have an idea it is worth going through with it and getting the patent or you may regret it later on as did I... :roll:
  6. I feel your pain :D

    In another aside, I also worked in a steel printing plant, one part involved applying a coating on one side of a sheet prior to the cans being formed.

    Approximately $40 - $80,000 per annum was repaid in claims to the customer for drips of coating ruining the sheets. (We produced 54 million sheets per year).

    I was looking into this one day and thought if we put a tray under the roller but above the sheet it would catch all of these drips and thus save these claims. I submitted the idea, including drawings etc. to our head office. The idea gathered steam, the designers drew up engineering drawings, the engineers made a template, a metal fabricator made up a tray to fit. The tray was then brought into the plant for trials, a lead hand saw what we were doing and disappeared into a storeroom, 5 minutes later he walked out with a tray almost identical to the one we were fitting.

    Apparently the drip trays were an optional extra that had been purchased at the same time as the machines FIFTEEN years earlier.

    Problem solved :D 15 years and $8,000,000 later.
  7. Yeah same, I was going to invent this thing called "The Internet" but I just couldn't be assed with the paperwork. Ah well..
  8. Honey comb tyres??

    After shredding my tyres n tyre sidewalls and inner tubes!!!

    Can I get them for my bicycle???

    Fkkn farmers that trim their hedgerows and dinny sweep up after them!!!

    Fixed 8 punctures in a mile and then put on brand new inner tubes only to hit a fukn "p.ubic" forest of clippings!!!

    I wish for Xmas - 2 new inner tubes and armoured tyres!!!

    Don't send me links - I have them, but I'm a tight Jock who now has to pay for the good stuff.
  9. Try greentyre.co.uk, solid rubber tyres, a touch harder but no punctures ever.
  10. Cheers Grey24/7.

    I had solid tyres about ten years ago, thought they'd stop being made. Will look them up.

  11. Knew a chap who used this kind for a 7 mile jaunt to work every day on his bike.
    He ditched them in the end and on going back to normal inflatables said

    'It was like someone had taken away a bungy hook from my back attached to my house'

    I read later that they were designed for wheelchair users, speed there not being the essence . :D
  12. Bugger!!! :x

    That means that I have to invest in armoured "Crocodile" tyres, green slime and new inner tubes??

    I've already written my Xmas list (and the fireplace is blocked off).

    Anyway, it's against my religion....

    p.s. thanks for the advice :D
  13. I had a skateboard before they were invented.

    Back in the early seventies we flattened a roller skate and screwed a sideboard door on top.hey presto a skateboard,but it wasn't cos they hadn't been invented,so what was it?
  14. Fecked if I know because the Seppo Surfers were using skateboard type things back in the 50s - hence the term Sidewalk Surfer