Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scrofula, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Nobody will break the Afghans. Full stop.
  2. So nobody includes the Taleban? That's very encouraging.
  3. 8O
  4. I think the Taliban are Afghan.
  5. Why is it so important to.....normalise.... that country? Terrorist threat? Saudi? Defence contracts? Oh dear.
  6. Eh? We don't want to "break the Afghans". Quite the contrary.

    We'd like to get in, secure the place, rebuild some of their infrastructure, leave their government/ANA in control and then bugger off.

    It wasn't an invasion (like Iraq). ISAF is a UN mission. See: http://www.army.mod.uk/operations-deployments/operations/908.aspx

    ps: the Taleban are not the Afghans. Lots of foreigners involved now. In fact one of the issues is how to stop it sucking in every fundamentalist hothead from around the effing planet.
  7. Let me clarify my thinking a bit. As was said by a journalist to the nascent leader of Pakistan " Most of the Muslim terrorists who have been apprehended in the UK since 2001 have been Pakistani, and what do you plan to do? ". Note: not Afghani. The usual story is that Pakis are going to Afghanistan to be trained up, but interestingly Pakistan is our friend in the war against terrorism. Anyone old enough to remember the IRA when it comes to threats to us? If not, google chronology of terrorist attacks on mainland UK. The Afghans, and I am outside PC but inside truth, are a feral pack of individuals who will spend the rest of eternity killing each other because they will never know much better. Why should anyone else ever bother with that? They are not in some mad war against Britain, they are in an eternal war against each other in their own country. Leave em to it.
  8. We tried that. I remember Lads Mags having a laugh in articles at the Terry Gubmint, taking the piss out of the fact there were no Radios and beards had to over a certain length.

    Then Al Qaeda drove some planes into some skyscrapers - having been sponsored by the Taleban - and suddenly they weren't so funny anymore.

    Like it or not Afghanistan is a rallying cry for Fundies the world over - of all religions!

    You mentioned the question to Pakistans new leader - you didn't mention his answer.

    Benazir Bhuttos Husband essentially said "I think I - of all people - know the cost of terrorism and I intend to stop it."
  9. Ungoverned space. Afghanistan was (is?) an ungoverned expanse of land where naughty people with extreme ideas could hide. This tended to suck in young Pakistani men educated in Madrassas in Northern Pakistan and nutters from around the Middle East and Central Asia. Add centuries of inter-tribal warfare and battle-hardened veterans of the Russian invasion into the mix and you get a country which, under the leadership of the Taliban, enabled a wealthy Saudi and his two mates to take their ideology and make it flesh in the form of paramilitary operations across international borders. Pakistan's most pressing problem is introducing formal law and order to the North West of the country where unpleasant people are still able to hide out of the reach of ISAF or Pakistani Security Forces.

    When you look back it is surprising that it was only an act on the scale of 9/11 that prompted us into doing something in Afghanistan. A UN stabilisation force would have been most useful there 10 years ago, if not immediately after the Russian withdrawal.

    Scrofula: If you haven't already, read On the Road to Kandahar by Jason Burke for an introduction to life in the region.
  10. I thought the Idea was to suck every fundimentalist hot head around the plannet to Afghan so we can fight them there rather than fighting them on our own streets!!

  11. ok let me tell you all what needs to be done.

    it is common knowledge that when you super heat sand it surns to glass, and so:

    Step 1: All the money that is wasted on the fighting we do over there should be spent on a huge museum and call it Meseum of extinct countries (paraphrase)

    step 2: drop a couple of nukes on that desert sh*t hole that they call home

    Step 3: co and collect glassy statues of all the choggy w*nkers and put them on display for all to see

    Step 4: charge people £1.50 to see the exhibition and then reduce the savage amount of taxes that everyone in Britain is getting stung with.

    Step 5: Laugh vigorously at their shiny pointless country and let you kids leave fingerprints and stains on all their crytalised holy places
  12. Parts of the Taliban leadership were Afghan refugees educated in religious madrasses set up in the Pakistani tribal areas after the Soviet invasion in 1979. However, most of today's foot soldiers will be Pakistanis (or second generation Afghans).
  13. The old "Im not a racist but..." line springs to mind.
  14. Zubrzyski, I entirely endorse your post without much qualification, just H bombs would be much more fun after a flypast of every non- Arab owned military aircraft carrying napalm.