honesty much appreciated

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by xol5, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. fellas, live in northern ireland, in not the most british area, really thinking about joining up, is there anything i should know first, like im i gonna get my head kicked in everyday?
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Only when you go home on leave.....
  3. thats true. i'll have to train really hard to defend myself
  4. Bloody hell, you live in a rough area (i.e. not pro brits) and want to join the British Army?

    Well, my Uncle did it OK. He joined the Engineers, but then he's a bit of a nutter. He was, and still can be, a hard bast*rd. He never said he got any trouble, and this was back in the eighties.
  5. If thats what you want to do - go for it

    I know a few in the Army from West Belfast, and no they dont get a kickin because they come from a republican area. they get the same amount of respect as everyone else once youve earned some!
  6. A few of my friends were from your neck of the woods. I never gave it a second thought. Good on you young Sir I wish there were more like you. A bloody lot more actually. ;)
  7. Drop into the local ACIO, NI has walk in offices now, I hear the chaps are very nice. :wink: Failing that call them!
  8. As said go in to the ACIO or log onto www.armyjobs.mod.uk and chat to an online recruiter.
    Regarding where you come from the majority of lads and lasses in the forces are NOMADS and we all are n the same sh*te together. When you get in hopefully it doesnt matter where you come from your all equal. Youll get the banter Thieving Scouse CNUT, Shandy drinking Southerner, Sweaty Sock, WelshTart etc but by the end of the day lads you can tust to watch your back. After nearly 20 years Im still in contact (oops sorry ) with lads I joined up with and I bet the same for Gnr_D whos done slightly longer. Good luck and go for it.
  9. As the iron says mate, the people you meet in the army will be friends for life. After the first couple of years serving, you will probably find that you wont go back home that often, but when you do, just have a cover story prepared for when people ask where youve been like: Ive been away training dolphins or something simmilar.
    Good luck mate.
  10. Training dolphins? hahahaha wtf. And why would you need a cover story?
  11. ... Because it's Northern Ireland, and you shouldn't believe everything you're told about Northern Ireland being all happy as larry with the rest of the UK?

    If we're honest, it's possibly not the safest career choice, if only because of the added issue of people in Northern Ireland still not being pro-Brit and definitely not pro-British Army.
  12. Mate to be honest, i take my hat off to you. If that's what you want to do you go for it, however i would just advise you to use a bit of common sense about it. Having done several tours there, i know what a volatile and hostile place it can be and just because we don't hear much anymore doesn't mean the nasty boys have thrown in the towel and welcome military personnel with open arms.

    Be cautious, tell only close family on a need to know basis and when you go on leave keep a low profile.

    Best of luck with your decision.
  13. 8O have they lied to us again?
    But we will be ok as from 01/08/2007??? :wink:
  14. Oh, without a doubt, as of Monday Northern Ireland will suddenly become happy with it's lot in the UK, and there will be no more trouble. At all. Promise.

    Yeah, right... :(
  15. thanks very much lads for honesty, wants even more crazy is that i have a brother thats in the irish army! i was thinkin of joining them, but they mostly do crappy stuff for nato. one of my biggest reasons to join the brits is cuz i want to go to places like iraq, im a politics student as well and i know its a nightmare at the moment but i have so much request for the lads who have done tours overseas. please god let me get in.