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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by keri_lou, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. Sorry to be a pain I know there have been previous forums about this which i have read over but none really offer first a hand insight as too what it's really like or what to expect :?

    I’m 23 and looking into joining the RMP. I don’t know too much about the army, besides what whats written and glorified on the army web and in the army books. (Which I'm taking with a pinch of salt!) :D

    So I would be grateful if you could give me some information about it (More what’s your experience and would you recommend it?) :p

    I’m after info and comments from serving RMP and ex RMP, If possible please. Thou all Comments welcome! :p

    Is there actually much policing work that you do? Would love to maybe go into S.I.B.

    I'm a very active person, aspects of Law and policing has always been an interest of mine. I do have A Levels, and have been down to my local career office, who have suggested to try for Officer, I think I would prefer to start like everybody else and gain knowledge and confidence on my job before hand. Would it be hard to go for commission later down the line, is that something that is realistically possible? Does it happen? (My recruiter has told me it does, but I'm sure he would still probably say that if it wasn't!! ha ha!) :lol:

    I’ll look forward to reading your reply’s and general advice and experience's.

    Thank you all in advance :wink:

  2. I'm interested in RMP Officer after Uni...

    Your best going to Sandhurst straight away..

    Military & Civvy law are two very different subjects - Eg. RMP cannot arrest.
  3. Can I get in first? Picture please!!!
  4. Don't care what people say or how much of an ass many of them might be. My grandfather was one and lost his life in 1941 fighting shoulder to shoulder ( :roll: ) with Montgomery in the desert so that's good enough for me.
  5. Wrong. Try again.

    Edited for clarity.
  6. Bevis Rory - Military & Civvy law are two very different subjects - Eg. RMP cannot arrest.

    That 'statement' made with such blind conviction is ample proof if any more were needed that the last trade you should be thinking about is Provost. Maybe you could get interested in spanners or fork lift trucks?
  7. Military policemen are not whiter than white in this area, by any stretch of the imagination. I met several RMP NCOs who were blessed with the same blind conviction about the guilt of soldiers, and who didn't (or wouldn't) have the ability to be able to examine the facts from a different stance.

    I would say that young Bevis might be in good company if he chose to become a copper.

    And why would the REME or the RLC benefit from this 'blind conviction'? I trust that you don't suggest that the RMP recruit more mentally flexible soldiers than us mere mortals? Because, if you do, you are a country mile off the mark.
  8. I always thought the RMP was for those who had personality problems and would never get any rank in the real army, to most of us RAC bods they are just up-market traffic cones
  9. Very good. :D
  10. not realy a joke, I once spent a very wet afternoon looking for one that had got lost, was found eventualy jamed into the suspension of a chieftain, an RMP, not a real traffic cone
  11. That aside - an amusing description.
  12. I thought you might be a member of The Royal Society for the Protection of Traffic Cones
  13. Only the plastic ones. Which could, of course, be read either way!!
  14. Can you please refrain from giving advice on anything even remotely military orientated as you are a tool.
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  15. Advice I was given by an RMP officer when I was at Uni........ if I had any pretensions of arresting serious criminals and doing any serious investigative policework on a regular basis ....I was better of joining the civpol.

    Its advice which I followed and I am grateful for.