Honest John Footage

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by django_strikes, May 13, 2009.

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  1. While foraging through some Battery history, I came across a DVD of Honest John on Hohne Ranges in 1963.

    Is anybody interested in that sort of thing? I am sure someone was asking about surviving examples to view, but this might re-light some fires too!

    It is footage shot of 76 (Maude's) Bty, then part of 24 Regiment RA, shortly before redesiganation to 24 Missile Regt. They are on exercise on Hohne Ranges, bringing the Honest John into action, moving to a hide etc.

    The footage is converted from 16mm (cine camera?) footage, in colour, no sound that I can determine (the work machine may not allow that though).
  2. Have you tried the 24 msl regt website , they would snap that footage out your hands :D
  3. More t the point Django, can you make copies? I am sure there are plenty of members who would like one. Me included!
  4. I was about to put on my original post that I can make copies for the cost of a CD/DVD plus postage (so about £1?), but thought that I would see the interest first.

    If someone wants to put the link on the 24 Missile site and any other of the Missile Regt sites (assuming there are some?), then PM me for my real details. Similarly, PM me for a copy - I don't know how to go about swapping £1 for a DVD, but maybe we do the donation to H4H/ARRSE thingy and I take the hit on a pack of blank DVDs?

    Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have access to DVDs at work (not that I would advocate "lifting" of service stationary!). Of course, as tight as I sound now seeking recompence for a disc, I may only get 3 requests, but I may get hundreds!
  5. i am ex 76/24 but a bit later(70`s) i would still love to see the footage it`s quite rare to find stuff like that
  6. i`d have a copy.....my old regt and bty
  7. Django

    I will happily take a copy, just let me know where to send the cheque. Alternatively, I can send you a blank DVD.

  8. Are you sure it's 76? I thought 76 were an 8-inch bty (2 guns) when in 24, as they were later. Does the battery still have the glass photo negatives from 1858 of the execution of mutineers?

  9. In the archives at the firepower museum, they have a photo album that belonged to captain maude RA. All about the indian mutinee, a very good collection of photos
  10. I need to get back to Firepower. I did some research in the library, but didn't see any pics.

    We have some good history here, but there must be more.

    The footage is of Honest Johns and they have Maude's stickers on the doors etc.

  11. django ask one of the assistants. I was doing some research when the the person who was helping me heard which bty i was researching he went away and came back 5 minutes later with this huge photo album which had been donated by captain Maudes sisters it is fascinating..........a rare glimpse into military life way back when! oh and btw it was in the archives dept.
  12. I was in 76 (Maudes) Battery from 1960 to 1968. I joined when they were a 5.5 battery and converted whilst at Nienburg, we then moved to Barker Barracks, Paderborn. Then became a missile Regt. 76 Battery always was a Missile battery, 2 Battery and 34 Battery where the 8 inch batteries.

    Why not put it on youtube and put a link to it here.