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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by colsy, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. I am 32, have my barb test next week, I have finally decided to do something i should of done a good few years ago, I am under no illusion that it will be touch and go regards enlisting before the cut off, but told if totally commited it is possible,

    Firstly, Am i mad? I would like some honest feedback regards my age?

    It would be nice if someone who has joined or in the process in and around the same age could maybe pass on any experience or thoughts.

    Thanks guys
  2. Im 33 next march,and i start basic in november,although i did apply when i was 31,i waited a year for my medical to be granted,so its worth a go mate,dont think they would have let u sit the barb if they thought it wasnt worth it!
  3. Hello Colsy,

    I can't say much for age, I'm 22 and I think that's a bit late for going in but I did meet a guy who was 28 and was going in so it's not just young guys you'll meet. As for 'Am I mad?', definitley not, I was going to sign up when I was younger and put it off and realised, this is the best choice I've made my whole life, I'm sure once you go to do selection and see how thing's run, you will know in your gut whether it's for you or not but I can tell you that you will enjoy it, I've been through selection and been away on Military Preparation Courses and it's brilliant, you'll get to talk to soldiers who have been in and speak to guys going through training but it is definitely a choice you will be glad you made, hope all goes well for you :thumright:

  4. Interesting attempt at stealth cobzy
  5. I'm joining at the age of 31. I turn 32 next month, and have until my 33rd birthday (next year) to complete the application process, get in and start basic. You're not mad at all, it's worth a try!! Make sure you have a Plan B & C, just in case you miss the deadline, but more power to you for giving it a go!
    Focus on your physical training, and commit 100% to this, and yes, you're right, it is possible!
    Good luck, and let us know how the BARB goes.
  6. Better to try and fail than wonder what could have been. (Not saying you will fail, but if you do at least you gave it a go)
  7. You have lost me there mate???
  8. Sorry I'm a total mong and got the nugget end of the stick when I saw your post.

    Anyway i'd say go for it and get down to your recruiter. If you are quick and are already fit enough to be able to pass ADSC with a decent grade then you have a chance, but every moment talking to us wonderful people is a moment lost on your application, get down there and start. And good luck!
  9. i went through basic with a guy who was 32 and he was prob the most committed guy there, you def not mad mate anyone can pass basic, it depends how much you want it? and if you want it enough you will.

    be prepared to get the nickname "Granddad" tho lol it seems to be a Pirbright trend that one,

    and mostly enjoy it mate
  10. Did the barb today, well happy scored 87, need to work on fitness next, received good feedback, good chance of getting in before the age cut off if i give 100% effort.
  11. Colsy health wise are you good? Had any breaks or sprains or anything like that? Because if your a ok you probably looking at a 2-3 weeks wait on the RG8 med form which is super quick.
  12. I say go for it mate! I turn 32 next week and passed ADSC yesterday, took me 5 months to get to this point (mainly because of Pirbright ADSC being so oversubscribed lately). As long as you commit 100% to everything (and take all the age-related banter with an experienced smile on your face!), and come out with a high score then you've definitely got a good chance of getting in pal. Good luck!
  13. Okay health wise, need to lose 4 Kilos, which should be handy enough, I have no excuse, currently unemployed so i have plenty of time for training.
  14. Next question, I do have an interest in the infantry, my job choices at the minute are dog handler, combat medic (not sure about this one, but would have a good chance of getting in before age cut-off) I was steered away from Infantry due to my age? But i would have a good chance because intake is much bigger, any feedback on Infantry at my age?
  15. The guy I was talking about before who I said was 28 was going Irish Guards, I don't see how a few more years would affect you? On one hand I would say, go for what you want to do, it's your choice but on the other hand, your recruiter would know best.. Sorry I can't be more of a help but I would go for what I wanted to do ;-)