'Honest' Blind Pugh jacks it !


Kit Reviewer
It seems that he could not 'see' his way out of his web of lies & deceit:


The BBC said:
Blunkett is expected to resign

Mr Blunkett has been in the media glare for much of the last month
Home Secretary David Blunkett is expected to quit on Wednesday, BBC political editor Andrew Marr has said.
The news comes amid claims he misused his office to fast-track a visa for his former lover's nanny.

Mr Blunkett denies the claims but has faced increasing pressure in recent days from members of his own party.

His position became more uncertain after he criticised a string of Cabinet colleagues in a new biography.

In the words of a twisted (and dead,) fruit:

'Another cnut bites the dust !'

:twisted: :twisted:

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