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Honest Army Advertising

So ... lets have your honest advertising for the army ... slogans or posters!

I thought of this one ... recruit proper soldiers wives!

That goes beyond close to the truth!
Glad to see you putting your time off to good use k13eod, mate. :D

The British Army:Now Recruiting Queers

As long as you're not all flowery and changing rooms
Why is it that you always see really fat wives with really thin soldiers. They cant be that desperate to have a shag after tour!
Here's my effort..........

... I thank you! 8)
Army - where you don't need O levels!
Travel new places.... Meet new people and get fucked around loads.

Army............ be depressed!
Saw an Army wife earlier and she has got the nicest arrse. Face to match
Mr_Deputy said:
that pic of bigbird is beginning to do it for me.

(On a pratcical note I'm slightly concerned about the loading weight of the decking she is sat on. )
what worries ME is how you managed to photoshop yourself out from under me! You swore you liked it when i sat on you!
Join the army and get the cheapest kit money can buy.... er assuming that we have the kit that is.

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