Honest Advice for THe Weirdly Proportioned

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by chunky-monkey, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Good Afternoon all, have been a lurker here for a while but thought I should really start asking my own questions.

    Here we go:

    I'm 5'7 185lbs (Yea I know!!! :oops: ) wanting to join as an Armourer. Went out and did my first ever 1.5M last night w/o any prior training and came in at 14m46s.

    I say I'm weirdly proportioned as I have a 23" inside leg and a 48" chest. Now, obviously, a shorter leg length is going to prove a hinderence when running - Not making excuses, just giving a few facts.

    What I'm wanting to know is should I lose the weight before starting to train? or just get on with it?

    My ACIO reckons I need to be at 160lbs before he will even submit my application.

    Any thoughts??
  2. Starting to train gently will probably cause you to loose the weight. Just don't go nuts and get injured trying to set records.
  3. Hi mate
    will your run time aint bad for your size (no offence)
    wen i went to ADSC i met a lad who loss about 5 stone so he could join the army! and wen doing 1.5 mile run he was blitzin the skinnyer lads if you get me and he was still fairly larged
    If it reali what you wanna do then go out there and do it
    Carry on with your army application and keep trainning and get to your 160Ib and do well, good luck
  4. Training will help you lose weight if used alongside a proper diet etc.

    If you're looking to drop weight fast, you need to watch what you eat, especially the fat content of anything you eat. RDA of fat is 90g for males, but to lose weight rapidly, you should aim for a lot less then this.
  5. Yeah Crab, cos you is massive innit!!!!
  6. Yup 23" - Dunno what the fcuk happened - LOL
  7. You should have seen me a year ago! :wink:
  8. Just work on the fitness pal, you're the right build for a REME celler dweller :wink:
  9. Forgot to mention - Currently on UBER-STRICT 500Kcal diet so hoping to get weight down Bl**dy sharpish.
  10. 90 ******* grams! Thats enough for two males.

    50g and no more just to break even. 35g if you really want to lose weight.

    Bulk up on porridge in the morning, it takes the hunger pangs off you and makes the rest of the day easier. Fcuk diets, just avoid fat and if you snack, make it rice cakes or fruit, or something very low in fat.
  11. Doing 14:46 for a first ever 1.5er with no training beforehand is very respectable indeed. Congrats on that.

    Now you just have to carry on doing what you're doing. My advice would be to just continue as you are without giving any special consideration to diet at the moment; apart from ensuring that you don't start scoffing more to compensate. It'll probably take you around ten weeks to reduce your weight to around 175 lbs, but once you've done that, you can begin in earnest with split-training, CV training etc.

    You can use the time until that point's reached for genning yourself up on exercises, diet and all the rest of the stuff that'll help you to optimise your efforts. It really comes down to how dedicated you are.

  12. Cheers mate :D
  13. Is that what you meant? Have you checked this diet (20% of the recommended calorie intake) with your doctor? I'd have thought that if you're training then you'll need more than 500Kcal however big you are; crash dieting and doing loads of phys at the same time will probably make you very ill indeed.
  14. B-Z - Doc says is cool as I've got a metabolism slower than evolution

    I couldn't beleive that either!!
  15. 23" inside leg? are you a dwarf? or a hobbit?