Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. A military Coup in a banana republic? Hardly Michael Jackson's resurection?
  2. Sounds pretty reasonable, he was elected on a non extendible four year term in 2006 but has been trying to push a referendum to extend his term in office. This referendum has already been ruled against in the countrys courts.

    Instead of an election (all be it next year) anybody fancy a referendum on whether Brown stops on for a bit? Lets face it if the referendum comes up with the wrong answer he can always wait until we give the right one (A la Lisbon treaty).
  3. Indeed. a military coup in a banana republic is not something special.

    However, the reaction to it from the EU, from Washington is something worth to be discussed.

    Washington rejected any accusations that the coup was staged in the USA.

    I just have seen on euronews that Spanish FM condemned the coup. And Venesuelan president Chavez threatens to use force if Venesuelan or Cuban diplomats wouyld be attacked.
  4. If Honduras Legal system is correct in doing so, then it is an internal matter

    "Honduras' supreme court claims it told the army to oust President Manual Zelaya after his attempt to hold a referendum on his re-election."

    Sky News

    But also If that country assualted someone with Diplomatic Status, then the offended Country is also within their rights for retribution

    "President Chavez said Honduran soldiers left the Venezuelan ambassador on the side of a road after beating him."
  5. To be fair the circumstances under which he has been removed are entirely fair. Its in-keeping with the electoral system of that country. Those kicking up a fuss were close allies of his, namely Venezuela. The more I read into this, he should have been gone in January.

    This may be a banana republic but I wish it would happen here. Could you imagine el Gordo being dropped off in Iceland by a detail composed of 2 Mercian, just in time to see the announcement that the UK was going to hold elections whereby a democratically elected representative takes the seat of PM.

    Sorry I may be getting a little sentimental whilst choking on my stella.
  6. I am proper gutted. I was meant to be going away on a World Challenge expedition to Honduras for 4 weeks. 2 years of preparation and its canceled! We are currently being sent to a new destination, but I was still looking forward to Honduras.
  7. North Korea's got some cracking deals going at the moment.
  8. The Honduran army appears to have taken decisive measures to support and safegaurd their nation's constitution... we'll see how this plays out in the aftermath of such drastic action. Chavez is worried because his own military might get some ideas about curbing his own ongoing efforts to become el presidente for life.
  9. Nice to see someone appreciates some quality British engineering (albeit ex-Bundesgrenzschutze).
  10. For a Coup de Etat in Central America it sure seems to not have followed the typical script

    1-He's still Alive and Kicking, not laying in the gutter with 2 in his head.
    2-His successor is from the same political party(Left of center).
    3-The Military stepped aside already upon the new guys swearing in.(who only holds office till January, 2010).
    3- The Supreme Court ordered his removal.
    4- His supporters only managed to find 100 people to protest the actions.

    Seems (Besides himself) the only ones upset are Chavez, Castro, Morales, etc.
  11. God forbid that this does not happen to our Dear Leader Brown all praise to him. Will Brown not take a hint and sod off no one wants the one eyed prat. I now see that he wants £60 billion to save the world from global warming, I think he has a god complex did he not save us from fiscal melt down a few months ago?
  12. And that on top of the 1 billion quid he just gave Pakistan for border security improvements. I wonder whose snouts are in the trough with that deal.