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A mate of mine has just picked up a 93 Ex Military St1100 I'm not sure if it's and ex Service Police or Convoy Escort machine but he'd appreciate any help anyone can give him obtaining wiring diagrams and workshop manuals.
If anyone has anything like this lying around and is happy to trade in the usual fashion please drop me a PM

Cheers AFA

I'm sure that will be useful but he's looking at the Police/Military Model diagrams as there a lot of tails from the four way switch gear for blues etc
the ever predictable response of 'check ebay' as I've seen a few on there. I don't think I have my copy as my pan is now back to civi wiring. I'll have a root around and see what I can find when I get back from exercise.
The military Pans in Germany are prepared for the RMP by Ryder on contract. They produce the bike to spec and maintain it so no-one will have a wiring diagram for one.

Not sure on UK models but I presume it is something similar.
Thanks for the info guys, Phantom thanks for your efforts it would be much appreciated.

I know the workshop manuals used to be part of the bikes CES, as a Section Sgt back in the 90's I had a copy complete with wiring diagrams. Starting to wish I'd photo copied it before I moved Jobs.
The early ST's had an inadequate 20amp Alternator which he should check. It should put out between 12.6v and 15v at 5000rpm, if not, it's on its way out.

Post 96 they added a 40amp alternator to solve the problems.

Worth checking.

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