Honda Legend 2007

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Howler, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. Looking for a car now and have the opportunity to buy a new(ish) Legend at a good price. Ex show car in Berlin.
    Like the car, many Gucci features, but not sure if I can bring myself round to buying a Honda.

    Any advice from people who know more than me!
    Thanks in advance
  2. Honda's ARE legendary, super reliable if a bit boring. Grandad image too, a bit like Rover. That said, I drive a Rover and enjoy pi$$ing all over Chavs in wikkid Corsas.

    Got a lift in a Legend a while back, and I have to say I was pretty darn impressed - loads of kit, quite quick and not a bad looking car.
  3. Thanks Sauce,
    That's all I need, an endorsement from a Rover driver! :D

    I think I'll get it, I just hope all the electrics don't pack up.
  4. Regarded in the trade as cast-iron build quality, good reliability but a big image problem in the UK, Toyota had the same problem with the Camry.

    Servicing can be a bit pricey at UK main dealers, but reliability and warranty backup good. Loads of kit/toys for your money as well.

    Definitely under-rated - if the price is right buy it and snigger at the drivers of SA built C Classes!
  5. Depends on the price you'll get it for and if you want to keep it for ages. As with most big luxury cars; especially non BMW/Merc, the resale will be garbage a few years down the road. If you intend to keep it for years, it's prob a better buy than any Nazi hardware.

    PS You'll need to purchase a tweed jacket and a pair of Hushpuppies. Speak to MDN, he gets his wholesale.
  6. Thanks for the posts, chaps.
    To be honest, I'd made my mind up beforehand, but thought I'd ask in case there were any serious dissenters who might know something I don't.

    Being delivered 3rd Jan, Wolfman Jackboots in Berlin is even driving it over to Poland for me, what a nice bloke.

    Thanks again, and if you know anything bad about Legends, please keep it to yourself now!

  7. Does it have a sun roof and will he be standing up through it as he goes over the border? 8O

    Blitzkrieg in a Honda.