Honda CG125 1979 - realistic restoration project?

A bit like restoring MGs -- you will spend more on it than it will ever be worth.

Do it because you want to, but expect it to be a money pit.

Performance, handling and braking are nowhere near modern standards, so don't expect to cut it in modern traffic.

As mentioned, chrome is expensive, corrosion in the frame could be a killer, but the engine is simple.
Amen to that....


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If you want to spend a thousand or so to fix up a CG125 then go for it. You'll get 50 quid for it when you're done.
Reason. CG125.
By that reasoning he should buy an Airfix kit to build and put on a shelf to look at. Give him a break chap, he wants a starter machine to restore to see if he can...
I'm surprised how much they go for £2000 or so. Mine cost £115 and I sold it a couple of years and a few spills later for £150. A good learning bike. It would have cost more in storage than it made in the intervening period.

It had tyres made by Nitto, better known for plastic kits.
Actually I was refering to Lawrence’s Brough
but I take your point.


Actually I was refering to Lawrence’s Brough
but I take your point.
He had a Brough as well?

ETA If I'd had that bike I would be a very happy chappy:)
But what did he find under the filler cap?

Meanwhile should the OP go for it and need any moral support or technical assistance PM me.
You may regret typing that, but thank you. MM
Oooh a new toy that I clearly need to have as I did not know that.


He said he had owned the one TE carked on at one time ! Eek
There was an episode of 'Lovejoy' Ian McShane* sold a Brough to a boxhead as Lawrence's bike. Including 'finding' a mod for Lawrence's swagger stick.

*He was knocking off Silvia Kristel' It's a man's life on the boards.
I've still got the wifes GS850g, my XJ650 and the mutilated corpse of the CBR000 to sort out


If it does turn over, and it looks sound, I would be tempted at the right price.
The forks are shrouded, so might not be too bad underneath.
I am slightly swayed by the fact that I learnt to ride on one.
One of the reasons (oil tight, reliable engines being another) that the Japanese picked up a lot of trade was exactly that. Learn to drive on a Honda you're likely to progress to a bigger one when you pass your test.

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