Homosexuals you would LEAST like a fight with.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Howler, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Was reading an article about Freddie Mills, ex light-heavyweight champion and all round hard bloke(No pun intended), who committed suicide due to 'George Michaelesque' toilet behaviour and it got me thinking.

    Which famous homosexuals would you NOT fancy a tussle with?

    Ronnie Kray comes to mind for obvious reasons (When he was alive) and maybe Alexander the Great with his swordsmanship, not the pork variety.

    Any other suggestions?
  2. Whoever said Freddie Mills topped himself, let alone because he was a queer. I thought this was a light hearted thread but I can't let a slur on his name just slide by. I dont proffess to be an expert on Freddie Mills but from what I've read it was a gangland killing and not suicide
  3. Maybe, maybe not, but that's not the point of the thread.
  4. Fare do's mate, jolly old thread and all that, just don't like people running fast and loose with someones reputaion, dead or not. Now to show there is no hard feelings, I would not like to meet popeye the sailor down a dark alley and tustle with her
  5. Gareth Thomas, Welsh Full-Back.

  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freddie_Mills

    [edit] Death
    In 1965 he was found shot in the head in London like so many Kray associates. The police said suicide, but several lurid theories sprang up: such as that Mills, married with children, had been arrested in a public toilet and charged with homosexual indecency; or that his suicide was staged by Chinese gangsters who were after his club. A recent book even explored the possibility Mills had murdered eight prostitutes found in the Thames between 1959 and 1965 (the so-called "Jack the Stripper" killings), then killed himself when the net began to tighten.

    Queries continue about the suicide itself, most notably around the belief that the gun was too long to be used in the car and was found on the back seat.

    Mills is buried in Camberwell new cemetry & has a glove on his grave.

  7. I have to agree with BIII. I remember Freddie getting topped in his car in Soho (think it was '66)

    All sorts of allegations have been made over the years - nothing ever proved, and although it puts the mockers on the thread a bit, feel the same way as BIII, and can't let it pass without comment.

    One thing certain - he was nails - not a truly great boxer - but had the heart of a Lion and was a worthy World Champion.
  8. Big Gay Al.

    I mean, he's a big bloke and probably handy with his fists.

  9. Gunny - he'd make me bleed ;)
  10. Jeffrey Dahmer.

    He'd polish your knob then have it for tea. No thanks....
  11. T.E. Lawrence

    ...fancy a ride on my bike........
  12. ok she might be a lesbian (and so slightly off thread) but I still wouldnt fancy rosie o'donnell anywhere near my ringpiece. She's the one standing up!

    edited cause the picture failed and got locked out. CNUT!
  13. If the theories about him are true, and assuming 'repressed' counts 'as' (being the default setting...) for me it's got to be Paddy Mayne!
  14. The whole Spartan army.....................I rest my case
  15. Right Said Fred

    The bloke at the gym

    My boyfriend.