Homosexuals in the Armed Forces...Right or wrong?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Randy_McNob, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. I'm sure this topic has been done to death, however I havent seen it mentioned before.

    Homosexuals were banned from the Armed Forces, I believe up until 1999.

    When I joined up I was asked whether or not I was gay, I'm not, but if I had said I was I would not have been allowed to enlist.

    Being gay or lesbian should not make a difference to any persons ability to become a Soldier.

    But knowing Squaddies and their sometimes 'blinkered' views on a wide range of topics, realistically would you say that the MOD being forced to lift its ban on homosexuals has caused any issues??

    I cant see anything wrong with a Gay or Lesbian person wanting to serve their country. But knowing the 'Barrack Block Culture' and the way it works .............

    any thoughts?
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  9. Of course, how silly of me. If the equal opportunities satement says its so, then its right
  10. Well thats the policy, so if you are gay the Army will welcome you.
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    Lets break down exactly what you have posted;

    Yes it has. Millions of times. Use the search function. If your mouth wand allows it. You will then see that these discussions end in the same way.

    S'funny. I wasn't asked that. Maybe the recruiter thought you looked like a batty boy and was curious?

    It doesn't. Unless of course you prance around like Larry Grayson.

    What you actually meant was your blinkered views.

    You purport to be a bit of a sweat so maybe you could mention any anecdotal evidence that it has caused issues?

    So keep it in the 'barrack block'? How many people mince up the the recruiting office and say 'I'm gay, I want to join the Army'? I'd guess none unless they are called Daffid. So who actually knows or gives a fuck?

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