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So racist and homophobic? Is there no end to your prejudices?
He says he thinks all immigrants should be sent back.....


He also disparages our Telic/Herrick veterans as that was nowhere near as tough as the SADF war against the blicks.
Educate yourself, you want to donate blood - don't have homosexual sex.
Men who have sex with men blood donor controversy - Wikipedia

But in general seemed to be very fucked up people.

Not quite as straightforward as you imply.

"Lack of familial support is a strong predictor of suicidality. Gay men who have experienced rejection by their parents when revealing their sexual orientation have heightened risk for suicide attempts (Haas et al., 2011; Ryan et al., 2009; Wang et al., 2015). A study of 224 gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth concluded that individuals who experienced rejection by their family were 8.4 times more likely to report having attempted suicide (Ryan et al., 2009). In contrast, Mustanski and Liu (2012) reported that family support was as a protective factor in lowering the risk for suicide. "
So racist and homophobic? Is there no end to your prejudices?
I thought they were prerequisite to being a member of ARRSE?
well i like pretty lesbians. but im uncomfortable with the chutney ferrets. each to their own and all that, but its not the sort of thing you want rammed down your throat. Diversity my arse.
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