OK, a potentially fiery topic this one. Leading on from the discussion at..... (edited to remove broken link) here is the poll.....

It'll be a 'sticky thread' too. For a short while at least.

This is gonna go pear-shaped, I can sense it..........
For good looking blonde scandinavian type chicks who are willing to put on a show for then lads.......YES!

For fruits..........NO!

For those 'ard looking cropped hairdo lezza RLC drivers/RA ammo humpers......Well, someone else can comment here as I'm too scared!


No problems with it at all. Not my bag though.

It needn't be a sticky thread, It'll soon dry up and go all flakey ;D
Haven't got a problem with gays as people.  Would just prefer the PDAs to be kept to an absolute minimum.  Well, when I'm there anyway.  It just doesn't look right.  One of my best mates is gay but I find that my conversation just dries up when he leans over to give his boyfriend a kiss. Yuk!  And no, it is categorically NOT because I am jealous MDN :)


As far as society goes I coldn't care, but in the army id say absoultly not. As well has being destinctly unmilitary and soft, it shits the rest of the lads up. How would you feel if you where manning an OP for 6 hours with the trp queer?  
Im not completely homophobic ( believe it or not) I just don't think there is a place for it in the army


War Hero
Hmmm bit unsure about this one...how about I just stand with my back to the wall and let you lot thrash it out amongst yourselves!
Not openly in the forces.

Don't get me wrong, one of my mates is gay and the weirdest thing is discussing with him which guys are cute, has a nice arse, etc.

But it just doesn't sit right in the forces - even in this day and age.


Dont really give a rats arrse either way. What ever floats your boat people.

There have been gays in the forces since the year dot, just because the european court has made a judgement on the fact, doesnt mean things are gonna change any.

Get on with life, and dont let it worry you is my advice.


Green Goddess love the icon.   Not you by any chance?   ;D
I think it is Samantha Janus practising her 'Trollies down I'm off to Donuts House' routine ;D
Maybe thats what it would take to get those on the sausage side to reply and at least put up an argument ;D


Don't care, just think it's more of an "act of war" for a 6ft 6in queer fcucker to be guarding my barracks than a 4ft nothing Private Benjamin trying to prove some social engineering point.  AKA women's "rights".

So, queers in the army get my vote so long as they can kill the enemy, not just shag them.

Ciao, mine's a Creme de Menthe
I'm not really interested in the sexual orientation of an individual.  If they do the job to the best of their ability - fine. If they don't - then they should f**k right off and get a job that they can do.
But it just doesn't sit right in the forces - even in this day and age.
They don't sit right because their Gary Glitters have been savaged so badly, they have had to have a drawcord surgically implanted to prevent prolapse. Well when I say drawcord, I mean a gym rope.
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