Homos and queers in todays Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wonk_Mog, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. I can remember when it was fairly common knowledge that may WRACs were dykes and when homosexuality was defined as 2 men on a bed with both feet off the floor (never really worked that one out). What are the attitudes of today? Do you have gaybie areas in the NAAFI and homo wings in the mess or what?
    Just curious.

  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    And the object of this rather crass question is what?
  3. Homos and queers? Well I never!
    What constitutes one or the other. Am I missing out on something?? Pray tell!
  4. Is there something that you want to tell us all Wonk_Mog?
  5. Come on fat cav isn't it obvious homo's have both feet off the floor, queers only have one foot of the floor, and us heterosexual chappies stand by the bed talking about football
  6. I for one am a fan of the homosexual. They are a very clean, industrious people. They are always very well turned out, the men anyway.
  7. I found that by keeping a low profile and frequenting the services of a chap in the stores who..'ahem'..shared my tastes, I was mostly left to my own devices ! Although the odd bullish gent came 'a' knockin' from time to time in the wee small hours x
  8. Well what is "your attitude of today", and why would you be "just curious"? Are you looking for a unit with a gay bar on camp to finally work out the definition of homosexuality that you have never, rather strangely, never been able to work out?
  9. Of course! :roll: I should have known.

    I think Homo's are great. I can talk to them all about shagging girlies and blokey stuff and they advise me the best moisturiser to use for my skin type and the most effective rimming techniques. This was it's straight (No pun) from the horses mouth.

    Long may they (Golden) rain over me!
  10. I can state emphatically there were none in my day....err apart from the odd one or two.
    I certainly was never propositioned, but then I am not the most attractive bloke in the mix.

    We did have a most unfortunate incident in which one of our DS was later caught in an embarrassing incident involving a trainee in the Troop after my lot. He was a good bloke, the Sgt that is,and I was sorry to learn of it.

    In those days they were ostracised and their careers were over. Times change. Who am I to comment on the morals of today?

    There will of course be the odd one or two serving us well on Ops today.We should remember that.

    Me, I am happy with middle aged ladies. God bless 'em.
  11. I haven't heard the word queer used in that context since the PC bde took over, amazed that so many on here know what it means. I am looking for a unit gay bar as it happens, it is a wind up for a student.
  12. Perhaps it is because you used it alongside the word homo. I would suggest the RAF would be more open to a unit with a gay bar.

    P.S Is gaybie a real word?
  13. Queers!
    Now theres a word to conjure with, how time's change, my old Mother"god bless her" used to call them nancy boys.
  14. Of course it is! :D :D :D

  15. All sh1t stabbers should have their anus's glued together and be made to drink the diarrhoea love posion, as invented by the Iraqi's themselves. :D .

    I personally have no time for ass lovers and consider gayness to be a mental illness it should never have became legal. :x