Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by zetlander, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. Why are ex-soldiers homophobic?
  2. I call wah.
  3. Homophobic - what a silly non-word. It means as far as I can tell: a fear of man.

    As for not liking homosexuals - what's wrong with that?
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  4. I like poofs, rear gunners, rear admirals, turd burgulars, shit stabbers, fudge packers, pooh pirates, bum bandits, bless them all!
  5. Best ask Jarrod of this parish, he hates shirt lifters.
  6. Joined 2007, only 21 posts. What's your usual account name?
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  7. Screaming_Queen probably.
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  8. I don't know.Why are ex-soldiers homophobic?
  9. i'm not homophobic in the least- I live in a house!
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  10. Want a cuddle?
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  11. I don't think that ex-soldiers are any more or less "homophobic" than the rest of the general public, they are more likely however to voice their true opinions than others.
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  12. Are you looking for some sympathy? Oh, hang on, let me guess, you are now a 'victim' and therefore crying for some attention! If someone has said something you don't like, why don't you have a word with them instead of being a drama QUEEN on here. Do one!
  13. I believe that former Servicemen are hugely tolerant. If you're looking at Arrse as a representative cross-section of those who have served, you should bear in mind that this place is populated in the main by wannabees, part-timers and SCH.
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  14. Personally, I don't give a shit about someone's sexual preferences - but I don't think that homosexuality is normal. What really pisses me off is their hijacking the word 'gay': gay means 'having or showing a merry, lively mood' not 'I/he/she is a poofter/rugmuncher'!
  15. It's just the evolution of language. If you have teenage kids then you will be aware that the word gay has now evolved further and is being used as a general insult (without I think any connection to homophobia) in the same way as 'spastic' was in the playground 30 and more years ago and therefore very soon no one will be describing themselves as gay.
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