Homophobic Five Year Old

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ham-shank, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. Just got off the 'phone to the other half. She tells me that she was pulled to one side by my 5 year old sons's primary scale teacher and warned that, apparently, the little tyke has homophobic tendencies!

    Walking back from a play in the local park, the kiddies were treated to the sight of a lycra-clad, knob jockey trying to learn how to roller skate with his 'partner'. Gay chappie falls over, cuts his knee and begins to cry.

    My son pointed this out to his class mates, p1sses himself laughing and says 'look at him crying like a big nancy boy'.

    Cue PC teacher who takes him back to class and gives him a 20 minute lecture on the evils of homophobia! He's a five year old FFS, he wouldn't know a puff from a sugar puff.

    WTF is the world coming to?
  2. I was waiting for the punch line: It took us two years to get him to say 'Nancy Boy' instead of feckin poof.
  3. However, it appears his instincts are nevertheless fairly sound . . . 8)
  4. Your taking your boy out for ice cream later right? :)
  5. Treating him to a MacDonalds for his tea!
  6. Maybe he should have just called him a Cissy!
  7. Outstanding! Remind me to buy you a drink if I'm ever in that kneck of the woods again.
  8. It amuses me that they allow all those programmes on television that poke fun at those with strange habits, then blame the children for picking up the phrases from them
  9. He’s doing well then, bye the time he’s 15 or 16 he will probably be serving time at Felton Young Offenders for a hate related crime, some sound parenting going on, hope you are proud.
  10. Right... more likely he will become a young man with a morals and little to no patience for politically correct horsepuckey.
  11. Qualified child psychologist are you?

    Perhaps you meant Feltham Young Offenders Institution?

  12. ... i hope you gave him a slap on the back and told him how proud you were ! ... you should also tell him that homophobia = normal and there's nothing wrong with being normal as opposed to being queer and being abnormal
  13. "evils of homophobia"

    that wouldn't be the fear of getting bummed by a prevert would it?

    (Prevert - see Keenan Wynne / Peter Sellers in "Dr. Strangelove and how I learnt to love the Bomb.) :oops:
  14. For fcuksake just landed from planet fairy have we love? take it your the poofta that fell over and only now have mustered the balls to complain about the youngster laughing at you......tw@t
  15. ] Young Offenders surely