Homophobe Ex US President Richard (Dirty Dick) Nixon was a raving Chutney Ferret!

Seriously? Of all the things that you could chose to criticise Nixon for, you focus on a predeliction for pink oboe playing?
The man who paved the way for all our current economic problems by opening the Pandoras box of trade with Red China and who removed the Bretton Woods leading currency, the dollar, from the gold standard. Was apparently, like his FBI boss Hoover, a raving arse bandit!

‘Nixon’s Darkest Secrets’: New biography digs up rumors of Richard Nixon’s gay affair with Mafia banker - NY Daily News
He always said he'd "drop the big one" if things went wrong in 'Nam'.
Shocking huh? A psychopath-fine. Sociopath-ok. Homosexual-man the ******* lifeboats, we're doomed.
Can't libel a dead man.

What a poor, poor article.

Nixon fucked a good few things, but his mate's arse?
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