Homework help!! - Treaty of Versailles

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Grey_Mafia65, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. Reasons why the treaty of Versailles wasn't harsh enough*.

    In your own time, go!

    *Suitable for a 15 year old to debate please!
  2. Cos they came back for a 2nd go, innit Sir.
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  3. Because The Germans still managed to Re Arm despite sanctions, they obviously had no fear of the sanctions in place.
  4. It allowed rearmament, it created the Pocket Battleship category and the development of U Boats. It was designed to cripple Germany. It was too harsh, it punished a people for the crimes of their leaders and ultimately led to WW11.
  5. CQMS, Surely the U-Boats where in existence and use before the ToV?
  6. LLoyd George should have stipulated that a certain L/Cpl Schickelgruber was handed over for safe keeping. :wink:
  7. Sure they were, the later boats were developments.The point is that it was a weapons system that was allowed to be developed. WW11 U Boats were much better than WW1 boats.
  8. It failed to show a clear mandate for the reintegration of Germany into European affairs as a "player", thus as stated punishing the people for the follies of their Kaiser and the politicians. Compare this to the way Japan was treated after WW2.
    Much stricter controls on import exports would have gone some way to prevent the re arming process,

    Simplified from a long ago precis at uni...
  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It was too harsh and spawned WW2.
  10. Roger that, Everyday is a school day so this thread should prove to be interesting, Probably mentioned already but the ToV was hugely unpopular allowing Hitler to gain popular support.
  11. bloody keyboard gone yahooooooooooo
  12. We have to look at it as if we don't know WW2 is going to happen though, as if we are at the table arguing the points back and forth. If you wanted a harsher punishment, what would you have in the treaty?
  13. Manstein as a Col on the General Staff (banned but renamed the Troop Office) was finding ways to circumvent the treaty in the early thirties.
  14. Ok, we need clear sanctions and an inspectorate to ensure no deviations
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  15. Expropriation of all industry, no German companies allowed. Total disbandment of all armed forces including police. occupying forces are the police. Hows that for starters?
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