Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by redyellowandblue, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. redyellowandblue,

    I know the MD of this newly formed company. He is an LE officer and a bloody good bloke who recently got out and has put a lot of time and effort into starting this enterprise. I firmly believe that he and his associates will do everything in thier power to ensure that everyone involved will be treated honestly and fairly.

    Is there any risk, now there is a million dollar question. If you're a realist then of course there will be some risk, nothing in this world is a sure bet other than paying tax and passing away.

    I am off to Oz but if I wasn't i would be seriously considering this opportunity. If I were you, and you are intrested in this opportunity, I would start by taking the MD's advice and do your due dillagence checks.


    Maz 452
  2. Okay,

    I have carried out all of the research and due dilligence checks, which confirm that the property i am interested in is a good deal.

    Now can anyone confirm that they have sent two thousand pounds to this company, and if so the deal they have been offered is progressing as expected.
  3. 24 to 48 Hours later...hmmm.
  4. too late for me, and to think i had evdry man jack i could on parade getting them to apply for LSSA when the rules changed!

    can I have 15% off for time served thats one per cent per useful year less the ten based on honest assessment of performance
  5. Now then Mate, how have you got on? I am also looking at the scheme and cant help but feel a bit sceptical. The deals sound excellent and the rent PCM will easily cover my potental mortgage but like yourself I cant seem to find anyone who has bitten the bullet and bought one. Any info you have recieved would be good! :)
  6. I was going to spend 2 grand on a property i was interested in,however even after i was assured on the phone that the property i was interested in was still available, the new portfolio came out and it was not.

    In fact the new portfolio and associated discounts in todays climate are not worth it, unless that is you want a 1 bedroom shoebox in the roughest areas in the country. Oh and if you act quick enough you may be lucky enough to get the worm....sorry i mean garage.

    Luckily at least the offer is exclusive to squaddies.....doctors,nurses,police,bin men,market stall owners and any other mug willing to risk their savings.

    Mickey mouse is laughing his ass off right now !

    I give this scheme 6 months til it is bust.