Homes fit for heroes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Aristander, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. When was it ever an in-date idea?
  2. ....and if you don't like the house you were given, you could always burn it down and get a bigger/better one (as in the case of an Iraqi asylum seeking family).
  3. there are some "homes for heroes" near me - they were built after WW1 for returning soldiers (so i was informed by the estate agent when I phoned to ask the price - sadly far too much for me :( )
    very pretty little terraced two-up, two-down with gardens.
  4. Remember, your lump sum on leaving was originally intended to provide you with somewhere to live in your dotage!
  5. There are a lot of people coming to this country that don't have a house. The present stats stand at only 1 in every 25 Immigrants have housing which comes to 200,000 homes :x :x

    The profit being made by the government by selling of military bases is huge and the cash they get back from Annington Homes Plc runs in to hundreds of millions. The Annington Homes deal of 1 % for every Full 10 years servered is a disgrace. The MoD sold all military property for 29,000 each, Annington state they send on average 15,000 to bring them back on line to be sold on to civilians. The MoD spend money on doing the SFA up before handing it back to Annington Homes. That should make anyone wonder, what the hell are service families and single soldiers living in before all this money is spent!!!
  6. i think the housing we live in now are it possible to get the army prosecuted if they bill me then dont change anything?and can i take anything they bill me for with me.and finally are all estate wardens ********* or just the ones i have met.?
    interesting i think you will agree
  7. lt's either in Mondays or Tuesdays 'Daily Telegraph' newspaper, regarding Mr G. Brown's speech in Parliament: 'Everyone is entitled to fair and adequate housing'.

    l recognise that new legislation has been constructed, and words have been added - however, if everyone is entitled to the above, that must surely include the armed forces. Equal opportunities and diversity, blah, blah.

    Or is it another case of a certain minority (that are willing to sacrifice their lives for their country) within it's own nation being discriminated against, yet again; NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME, you just can't beat 'em....................

    Perhaps, if the majority of service personnel burnt their passports, and arrive at Dover, instead of Brize Norton - they'd be taken much more seriously, as long as they served in the Taliban/Al-Qaeda/Crown Prosecution Service/Shi-ite/MI5 (delete where applicable) can violently rob/rape and make crude bombs, they'd be alright!
  8. That 49 grand Ill get in the next few years will buy me a nice garage down south I expect.

    With the new construction of the garrison in Colchester they're selling off more MOD land and new houses are being built all around us for civvies to move into whilst our MQ's are falling to pieces under Modern housing :roll: The singlies are moving into the new rooms which are nice but they cant fart in there without the civvies wanting to bill them for barrack damages. Now British Rail and the other companies have been privatised its time for the British Army answering to the civvies :roll: :evil:
  9. lf you go on to 'ARRSE'S' charities, then social housing, look at what 'HITBACK' has been campaigning over. lt might help.

    Having said that, l'm sure if you got in-touch with Ikea, they might well give you one of there pop-up-houses for £4.99; just a thought, and they already come magnolia painted (l know, easy tiger, you might get hurt in the rush.............), what more could you ask for?
  10. Dream on mate. A space for your car in London, without a garage, currently runs at about 80 grand. LINK

    All the garages are being bought up by Russian 'entrepreneurs' to store their polonium.
  11. Please log on, and promote the cause. Every little helps, we need representation on this issue.