homer simpson joins the army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, Feb 7, 2002.

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  1. Apparently, Homer Simpson got fired from the nuclear power plant and could´nt find another job so as a last resort. He has joined the British army because the yanks didn´t wanted him as he was over weight.
      However the recruiting office don´t know what trade to give him. They thought about him being an RLC chef, But manning in records thought that is a bad idea, Has he would eat all the food. So if anybody has any good suggestions please let me know so that they can be fowarded on to mcm div for close scruitinisation. :D  
  2. Didn't he join the US navy reserve in one episode?
  3. Too much common sense to be a Cav Officer, and not pretty enough for Airborne. I think he would look great outside Buck House. Yep definite Guards Potential.....there again maybe he is over qualified
  4. ;D yeah woopert your right he did, but thats typical of homer he got binned from that aswell. because he could´nt get enough of that wonderful duff, but theres plenty of it in the naafi.
  5. Hey, I wish he did! But I don't think that us women are lucky enough to get such a muscular, sensual, masculine sculpture like Homer!!!
  6. Incompetent, useless, fat, a figure of comedy, unable to run, no financial brains, in charge of something VERY VERY important..... AGC pay clerk.

  7. Totally agree with you A_Lert!!!

    Nice one, mate!!!! hahaha
  8. I think Homer should be RSM in my place, He´ll do a better job
  9. I dont think its a good idea, would Marge really want to live in a quarter nope!

    Would Lisa and Bart want to move schools every 2 Years nope!

    as to which badge should be on his cap ?

    REME (Did you see his BBQ)
    AAC (Only as a Lynx pilot)
    AGC (Far to Interesting)
    RLC (Well he did drive a truck well) that wont work!
    RMP (Illegal cable, well)
    INT Corp (dont think the mess dress would suit him)

    I dont think it will matter were so desprate for man power iam sure he will fit in somewhere  DOOOOO
  10. Chuck him in the RLC as a Chef!!! That's probably the best bet!!!! ::)
  11. not if your a singely cos you want get any food from fat boy simpson
  12. He could do the CISM course at Blandford. Being an ex employee of a nuclear power station must stand him in good stead to become IT 'expert'.

    P.S He also has the figure for it
  13. CMT

    CMT Clanker

    He could then ecourage Lisa to join, she could be either a lezzer or a morale booster (if u get my drift)
  14. I think that the lessie bit sounds better, after all, nearly 80% of women in the Army these days are! :eek:
  15. So leeanne, which side are you on, 20% or the 80%?