Homeowner charged with Murder after confronting burglar

Benjamin Batterham, who lives at home with his young family in Newcastle (the Aussie one, not the Geordie one), is believed to have found Ricky Slater inside his house about 3.30am on Saturday. See here for reference

Batterham and a 32-year-old friend became involved in a fight with Slater, which continued outside on the street.

Police received a call that three men were fighting and arrived to find the two men had "detained" Slater.

But a short time later he lost consciousness, police said.

He was charged with recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm and was released on conditional bail.

But about 11.30am on Sunday, Slater's life support was switched off.

A few hours later, Batterham handed himself in to Newcastle police station and was charged with murder.

He was refused bail by police.

Okay, looks like a tragedy all round ... then the "victim's" family get involved.

Emotional family members of alleged murder victim Ricky Slater have shown up outside an Australian court on Monday to demand justice.

Slater's mother, Beryl Dixon, said her son was well-loved and part of a large family.

Loving Mum

The loving (but I suspect intellectually challenged Mum) then said:
"They have lost their father, their beautiful father. They haven't seen him for years because he was in jail," she said.

"Just to think them little kids are going to grow up without a dad now."

What the loving mother did NOT mention was that "her darling boy"

The alleged burglar
  • Had been released from jail in December after successfully appealing against a four-year jail term for aggravated break and enter and fraud offences.
  • Slater had been convicted of a ram raid at Sandgate adult store Nauti & Nice in November, 2012, in which cash and a quantity of synthetic drugs were stolen.

Can we get the Outrage Bus POL'd, I think it will be needed very soon.
Sounds and looks like some those social inadequates who infest the corridors of the 'Jeremy Kyle Show' studios complaining that the messes they create for themselves, that "It's the Governments fault"
American history X on the dude probably would lead to a murder charge.

Ugly big looking fucker, single shotgun to the face while in the house would have been a better option

Burglars, do your due diligence on your victims please, you may get hurt
They should never have taken it outside. If they'd killed him in the house and buried him in the garden no-one would have been any the wiser.
Seems to me they have saved society in general a great deal of money.
Looks like he has a left behind a loving suportive supporting caring mother and family, a sad day for the benefit system now the bread winner is gone.
I guess they have Chav scum everywhere these days, one less is fine by me.
Numerous stays in Jail. Check.
"Lovely man, father, heart of gold" statement from family. Check.
In someone else's house at 3 in the AM. Check.
Didn't come quietly. Check.
No loss to humanity.
As DD says above, impossible to call without knowing the full circumstances. I imagine that householders in Australia are, like the UK, entitled to use reasonable force to apprehend an intruder, so it appears the Aussie police feel that the evidence points towards the use of grossly unreasonable force if they've charged him with murder.
Yes, but after all we're (quick look round) in the Naafi Bar, so where is the hand-wringing, the outbursts of indignation that a home owner cannot defend his own, the vitriol directed towards another Chav who had the temerity to breach the sanctity of a bloke's home.

The tumultuous jubilation that another f*cking thieving b*stard has received his just deserts.
bit more on the story - Batterham found Slater in his daughters bedroom.

He dragged Slater outside and broke his neck.

The police will have to conduct a murder investigation, because it looks like Slater is an Aboriginal, a group of people who feel that they are persecuted, downtrodden and who have a right to break into young girls bedrooms and do whatever they want without fear of harm.

There is an irony, if Batterham was himself aboriginal he would be able to claim "tribal justice"" and would walk free.

But he is white, and so he will end up in court.
In this case from 2009 - two householders chased a burglar into their garden,battered him with a cricket bat (that broke into three pieces such was the force used) the burglar got brain damaged and the householders were jailed for 30 months.The judge commented that "the public must not take the law into their own hands"
Self defence or malicious revenge? Jail for brothers who beat burglar with bat
It was a kids cricket bat. Them things break if you look at them wrong.