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Homeless veterans to get support from new centre

A PIONEERING centre to help homeless veterans rebuild their lives will open this year, it was announced today.

There have been concerns about the number of ex-services personnel who have fallen on hard times after returning to civilian life following active service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Many are living rough, or are "sofa surfers", staying for short spells in friends living rooms.

the downside is that it is located in the west end (Benwell, Scotswood, etc.)

the craic
Just off the Wesgate Road near the General Hospital, a short bus ride to the fleshpots of The City Centre! Pity the general area is twinned with Tora Bora.

Good effort to Norcare though.
Its about time something was done to address the problem I'm led to believe that ex armed forces make up a significant portion of the homeless population, but I suppose as they don't vote, politicians are content to ignore them, and no one on this site knows what the future has in store, it easily be anyone of us....
Ironically, the location is very close to the home of that traumatised veteran who shot his family a couple of years ago.

An indicator perhaps, of what the consequences can be when no help is available.

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