Homeless Veterans, is the UK any better?


"The government body that is supposed to deal with these issues is the Veterans' Association. But the VA is hopelessly overstretched, capable of helping just 100,000 of the 500,000 homeless veterans each year"

Reading the attached article made me think, is the UK set up to deal with these types of cases any better . I know that the British Legion and other
charities do stirling work but the sheer numbers described above are staggering .As a % is the UK problem similar?
I sincely hope that we do all we can to offer support to former forces guys in similar circumstances.
A lot of the numbers are hyped up by guys who want to portray soldiers as massively traumatised because they don't agree with the war they fought in.

Look up A War of Nerves by Ben Shephard - the last chapter on Vietnam veterans is very enlightening (a lot more Vietnam PTSD cases than soldiers who fought in Vietnam; most who did serve there weren't near combat).
This has been discussed on the boards, and someone mentioned that 70% of homeless people claim they used to be in the military. Researchers then checked every one of these guys' claims, and found the actual figure is only 3%.
Now, consider how many fake Vietnam veterans there are, and you'll probably find a lot of the "23%" homeless "veterans that the Guardian cites are doing the same thing as their British counterparts - lying to get themselves sympathy and extra benefits.

Go here for a good article on the situation from a different perspective. Now, I'm a card-carrying liberal with a healthy scepticism and great concern for soldiers, but this smells of anti-war B.S. to me.
I remember reading books like Joanna Bourke's An Intimate History of Killing and going, "yep, these guys just want to present soldiers in a certain light to further their own ideological goals". Who suffers in the end? Always the vets...

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