Homeless vet has been spotted in the Wareham area by a serving soldier

Was recently brought to our attention about an Army vet of 20yrs service homeless looking for help, I managed to get to spk to the serving soldier who is based at Bovington, when he was in the town of Wool near wareham. He was approached by the gent in question and they got speaking. Turns out the guy is a homeless Vet been seeking help from the RBL to no luck. He got him fed and gave him some of his buckshee gear that he had, took hime to the RBL club in Wareham to get him some help but they said they could do nothing for him. Since then, a friend of his girlfriend contacted us through our facebook page to inform us of this. which of course we got on it right away. We are currently working with another charity to try track him down and see what help we can give him. More info can be found through this link

If there is anyone here on this site that can help in anyway shape or form that would be amazing


may thanks in advance
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