Homeless Squaddies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Whilst sat in our SSAFA office I was looking through the booklet for the Veterans Aid agency http://www.veterans-aid.net/ and came across this poem by Kipling published in 1891.
    Amazing how over a hundred years later not a lot seems to have changed does it.

    Hope Mr Kipling doesn't mind me putting it on here if he's chuntering in his grave.

    The Last of the Light Brigade


    There were thirty million English who talked of England's might,
    There were twenty broken troopers who lacked a bed for the night.
    They had neither food nor money, they had neither service nor trade;
    They were only shiftless soldiers, the last of the Light Brigade.

    They felt that life was fleeting; they knew not that art was long,
    That though they were dying of famine, they lived in deathless song.
    They asked for a little money to keep the wolf from the door;
    And the thirty million English sent twenty pounds and four !

    They laid their heads together that were scarred and lined and grey;
    Keen were the Russian sabres, but want was keener than they;
    And an old Troop-Sergeant muttered, "Let us go to the man who writes
    The things on Balaclava the kiddies at school recites."

    They went without bands or colours, a regiment ten-file strong,
    To look for the Master-singer who had crowned them all in his song;
    And, waiting his servant's order, by the garden gate they stayed,
    A desolate little cluster, the last of the Light Brigade.

    They strove to stand to attention, to straighen the toil-bowed back;
    They drilled on an empty stomach, the loose-knit files fell slack;
    With stooping of weary shoulders, in garments tattered and frayed,
    They shambled into his presence, the last of the Light Brigade.

    The old Troop-Sergeant was spokesman, and "Beggin' your pardon," he said,
    "You wrote o' the Light Brigade, sir. Here's all that isn't dead.
    An' it's all come true what you wrote, sir, regardin' the mouth of hell;
    For we're all of us nigh to the workhouse, an' we thought we'd call an' tell.

    "No, thank you, we don't want food, sir; but couldn't you take an' write
    A sort of 'to be continued' and 'see next page' o' the fight?
    We think that someone has blundered, an' couldn't you tell 'em how?
    You wrote we were heroes once, sir. Please, write we are starving now."

    The poor little army departed, limping and lean and forlorn.
    And the heart of the Master-singer grew hot with "the scorn of scorn."
    And he wrote for them wonderful verses that swept the land like flame,
    Till the fatted souls of the English were scourged with the thing called Shame.

    O thirty million English that babble of England's might,
    Behold there are twenty heroes who lack their food to-night;
    Our children's children are lisping to "honour the charge they made - "
    And we leave to the streets and the workhouse the charge of the Light Brigade!

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    Received the same mail shot today jack
  3. Hmmmmmm

    From the sublime to the ridiculous in three posts - amazing
  4. What?
  5. A BNP mongtard ranted on this thread in the early hours of this morning and a few of us commented accordingly. Sven's not 'dissing' the thread, honest! :)
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    The (then) 3rd post being the retard. No not Sven :)
  7. Legit question here, my missus works for a housing association in Tyneside who have an abundance of properties to let, they would be more than happy in housing ex squaddies - how can we get the two together? any advice happily taken and if my missues can let to homeless squaddies rather than druggie single mothers of eastern persuasion all the better.
  8. I did wonder! Having met the little bearded one I didn't think he'd give me grief!!
    I'd never seen that Kipling poem before and thought how apt over all this time.
  9. Might be worth contacting the veterans aid people, link up there ^ in my first post or the RBL may be able to point you in the right direction.
  10. oldbaldy

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  11. thanks for the help
  12. A very good poem nevertheless !
    History repeats itself regardless of modern weapons.

  13. Where'd that post go . . . . . . there was one Jack, honest :D