Homeless Officer living at the YMCA.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by rgjbloke, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. I was quite surprised to read this in my local paper. I thought Officers had access to post service employment and welfare etc that OR's didn't have. Perhaps it's me just being outdated seeing as I was in in the 70's.

    Brief summary below. Here's the link for the whole story:


    A SOLDIER who served in Afghanistan has been living on handouts but now faces a life on the streets.

    Unless he is able to find accommodation within 48 hours, Lieutenant Kieran McCrystal, 25, will be homeless. He is also struggling to find a job.

    From fighting in the world's most dangerous war zone, and battling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), he is now staying at the YMCA in Uxbridge and relying on the charity of the Hillingdon Foodbank for meals.

    Working as a watchkeeper in the battalion's operations room, Lt McCrystal was charged with tracking and reporting events on the battle-field, relaying orders and making snap decisions. He witnessed casualties each day.

    But since being 'demobbed' in September, his biggest challenge has begun, and he is facing the prospect of having to sleep rough in a town where the first shop for the soldiers' charity Help for Heroes was opened.
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  2. A sad situation indeed. The article paints an odd picture though.

    Without wishing to demean his, or anyone elses, service I have some difficulty in seeing how a stint as a watchkeeper in a BG Ops room a) exposed him to casualties daily (except in the most vicarious fashion) and b) inflicted him with PTSD. Something else must be going on here surely? I wonder which battalion he served with.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Did they make him brew bitch?
  5. pm Hols4Heroes if you're worried....this sounds right up his alley!!

  6. I'm not commenting on this specific case, but PTSD can be developed vicariously. Some therapists who work with PTSD suffers develop it that way.
  7. I genuinely didn't know that. That's actually quite bizarre.
  8. Whoever helps him should work the mental health angle so the the council will have a duty of care to house him.

    But he really needs to start helping himself by claiming the benefits he is entitled and has paid for.

    Its an all too familiar story and we really should be telling vets its no disgrace to get benefits if your in real need.
  9. Benefits he is entitled to?

    Chances are he went to the Job Centre and was fobbed off with something along the lines of "you can't claim unemployment benefit (or any other benefit) because you resigned your job (Op Tour) and have made yourself intentionally homeless".

    The scum used to try it to my old soldiers when they left the Army at the end of their engagements. A sad result of the Job Centres hiring a significant proportion of utter throbbers and cúnts who would get filled in within 3 hours of starting work in a normal environment.
  10. Not on my watch!!!
  11. ITM: Then well done for having some spine!
  12. Not really, you don't have to have been the guy on the ground, but if a mucker catches a round or whatever then later on in life you may suffer from guilt, etc and be diagnosed with PTSD and that is sometimes harder to deal with than a straight blue on red. Just my two pennies worth.
  13. I'd imagine if you were on your first tour as a watchkeeper calling in or listening to cas reports of people you might know and being fairly powerless might play on your mind.
    I know hearing a client disclose there history of child abuse ruined my sunday afternoon once.
  14. Having a family member working there I can safely say that more often than not its not due to them being throbbers and more to do with the lack of available staff. I wouldn't expect the situation to get better any time soon as well, as part of the Government cuts they aren't extending any of the contracts.

    Don't blame the people working there, not all of them are useless (although a fair few are) - blame the system.