Homeless ex squaddies

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DieHard, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. Today i had a very humbling experience.
    I bought a copy of the big issue of a guy and he was wearing a poppy, i commented on it and he said that he had done 12 years with the RRF NI gulf and so on.
    He said that he had suffered , he turned to drink then drugs lost his house and family and was trying to get it all back. What he said next was humbling because he said he wore his poppy with pride because no matter how hard we get it these guys gave everything and went to hell and back.
    He hit the nail on the head . I had been feeling sorry for myself being signed off with kidney probs , losing my job and just being told i'm only gonna get £88 pw.
    NO way will i feel sorry and wallow in self pity.A guy living in a shelter can show pride and decency and still remember others who gave more . Your local pc councils and associations can learn from this.
    The school my younger twins go to were not going to have 2 mins silence but the kids (instigated by mine) protested and they relented. Sometimes people in authority try so hard to do the right thing all they end up doing is upsetting people.
    One thing this guy told me was that 20% of the homeless men he knew were ex services.
    Whats going wrong? how are we letting these people down?
    His parting shot had me smiling after our chat, if you cant take a joke you should'nt of joined.
    Gave him my last tenner it was worth it.
  2. There was another thread on this subject some time ago and if I recall correctly, one of the newpapers ran quite a disturbing article on the subject of homeless ex servicemen. There's quite a lot out there.
  3. http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=22730/highlight=Homeless++squaddies.html


    Think they are the two best links on the topic


    Whilst on this topic, does anyone know if the sleep out is happening this year?
  4. Sorry, just not in touch with my charitable side yet......what's that and can you post more details.
  5. You have a charitable side? 8O
  6. I already told you Popstar, you have me all wrong. Don't be fooled by cheeky posts on a website.
  7. The past few years a group have gone down to London and slept rough around the Houses of Parliment to highlight the cause of ex- service men, im sure it normally around this time of year. but I haven't heard any mention of it this year and wondered if it was happening again.

  8. How about an arrse rough sleep in London for ex service members who have fallen on rough times. Last time I slept rough on the streets was in Wan Chi in Hong Kong when I got very drunk and was woken up by a kind local telling me I was about to be robbed. Who's up for it before the -18 temperatures arrive?

  9. Im in!
  10. After speaking to that guy today i would definately be up for that. Anyone interested leave your name or pm me and i will try to set something up especially if anyone can help set it up
  11. If I'm in the country count me in, if not I'm definitely in for next year.
  12. Diehard.....maybe I can help,its worth a go.

    What area do you live in.....I can give him a number to call.
    I am on the committee of the Army Benevolent Fund and these are the guys we like to help.Some are to proud to ask....but its worth a go.

    Give me the area and i will give you the contact number.
  13. Im up for that.
  14. How about sleeping outside somewhere important to draw some press (and cash support)? I've met some ex servicemen who are homeless and hooked on smack and/or crack cocaine. How did it happen, where was the support network? We need (A) a worthwhile charity to give the funds to and administer the financial side, ABF sounds like the best one (B) Someone to co-ordinate the whole thing (C) A small committee to to odds and sods (D) Volunteers

    Anyone done something like this before or have the nonce to pull it off?

    Sounds like a job for an officer/ex officer who can turn a cunning plan into a smoothe operation. Anyone out there?

    I am very willing to help but I have too many commitments to do the honours