Homeless Ex Soldier jailed so he can stay warm..

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    It beggars belief that in this day & age,someone didn't contact the relevant charities/support services long before it got to this stage.

    Cambridge News | Latest News Headlines From Cambridge City & Cambridgeshire | National News By Cambridge News | Ex-soldier sent to jail to help him survive cold

  2. Must be a Sapper
  3. Christ that's sad.

    It's terrible that anyone is allowed to get into that state, no matter what their background.

    At least his SERE training is coming in useful...

    "Use all opportunities to get food"

    "Righto, I'll ring the local plod until I get banged up and fed"

    "Errr, you're not getting this are you?"
  4. EDL are putting it on their website,
    free advertising for those muppets
    But yes a sad state of affairs
  5. Hopefully the charities take him under their wing when he's released.
  6. Why are they mentioning he is a veteran? Whats it got to do with the military?
  7. The state has prison space for a homeless person but constanly puts out that prisons are full and alternative sentances for real criminals must be found. We're doomed.
  8. To provoke outrage!? Why do the media do anything??
  9. To get your view on it
  10. Mine sweeping ****
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  11. Hard to believe, it is. Unusual, it isn't. Not that some procedures, risk assessments, agencies and hostels may have helped.
    Until there are more open access night shelters, vagrants will be on the streets in a society which sometimes leaves them there.
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  12. Probably to show that he has served his country, unlike the Romanian big issue seller that turned up in the papers the other day.
    The courts decided that she was entitled to £26,000 a year in benefits, he got sent to prison as the only way he could get a hot meal and a warm bed.

    Have your tickets ready for inspection before boarding the outrage bus.
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  13. I dare say there are other ways he could have got a hot meal and a warm bed. But hey as he's a veteran apparently it makes a difference.
  14. He sounds like a sort of depressed Rambo.
  15. I dont think being a veteran was the problem,

    There are plenty of charities who make sure ethnic minoritise get fair treatment, or that immigrants do not slip through the social support network. There are several organiseations who help homeless women and make sure they have food and shelter.

    Being white, British and male was the problem.