Homeless Ex Servicemen/women - information wanted

I'm not a lurker or a journo - I've posted in here for a while.

I have had a major flash of inspiration for a novel which I'm trying to get going with - wife and kids permitting.

Without wishing to give away my plot lines etc I am trying to get anecdotes and information about what life is like for ex-servicemen who find themselves homeless/bankrupt. The basic plot requires the hero (whinging civvy tit) to be forced into hiding and finding his way into a circle of homeless and dispossessed ex-soldiers. There he is exposed to the particular realities faced by those who have dropped off the radar, their particular mental health and medical problems and their feelings and attitudes towards the society which they served and which forgot about them.

The culmination tackles the police state, the stalinist government and the bovine civpop who fail to act on anything of importance as long as I'm a celebrity/x-factor/Corrie etc is piped into their homes and steals the tabloid headlines. There is a major twist which should make the reader sit up and think about the state of affairs we find ourselves in.

Any information about the above and about how you go about sorting your life out when you have hit rock bottom would be gratefully received - thank God it's not happened to me or any of my friends so I am a bit short of real life experience for this.

If anybody wishes to PM me with stories, anecdotes or real accounts I would be most grateful. Rest assured anything used would be in strict confidence and written in such a way as to protect the individuals concerned, I don't want real names anyway.

I hope that, if I am successful with this it would help to raise awareness of the problem of homelessness, particularly among ex service personnel and it goes without saying that a generous donation would be forthcoming to RBL if it finds it's way into print.

Many thanks - I will now retire to a safe distance and await incoming

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