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Help for homeless ex-services
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"Below is a list of organisations who may be able to offer support and advice to former members of the armed forces who may be homeless or those concerned about homelessness amongst former members of the armed forces.
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Neither is the poster.....


Quote from http://www.homelessuk.org/details.asp?id=QA66
Other Website to visit:

Military History: The Experiences of People who Become Homeless after Military Service http://www.homelessuk.org/details.asp?id=PP2401
A report which explores the experiences and aspirations of homeless and vulnerable ex-service personnel, drawing on interviews and discussions with service users and providers. Includes recommendations for the Ministry of Defence and practitioners on how best to meet the needs of those making the transition from military to civilian life. Available as a PDF - email Lemos and Crane via their website.

"Advice - What support is available for ex-service personnel?
Evidence from homelessness agencies indicates that people who have been in the armed forces are over-represented among homeless people. People serving in the air force, army or navy may have tied accommodation while they are in service and have nowhere to stay when they leave. Sometimes forces personnel may find it hard to adjust well to civilian life or may have joined in the first place as a solution to family or other personal problems.

In recent years the high number of veterans among homeless people has been increasingly recognised. Veterans have been added to the categories of people in priorty need that Local Authorities have a duty to provide accommodation or other appropriate support for. A range of new services have been set up to address the issue (in addition to existing ex-service organisations)."
Source: http://www.homelessuk.org
Why not have a card printed, showing the phone numbers of every agency and hostel in the area that could help? Why not a national "Lifecard" for the homeless? with national contact numbers for all the right people and agencies (including veterans) that could help?

It's not rocket science. The agencies surely have the funds, don't they?

This topic has been done to death in the Forums, granted. The need might be: get the info about the helping organisations out there, and try to reach more and more people. If just one person in every town and City was to pass these details on to homeless ex Forces, who knows what might happen?

Fact: it is very rare that you will find a bed in a Hostel if you're homeless
(meaning no family, no friends, nowhere to go) because the hard fact is that you'll be on the streets.
Um doubt if homeless have access to the internet so how about the contact numbers being published in the Big Issue or the free papers, Metro, London Paper, Lite? Think that they are more likely to be picked up
fairy_nuff said:
Um doubt if homeless have access to the internet so how about the contact numbers being published in the Big Issue or the free papers, Metro, London Paper, Lite? Think that they are more likely to be picked up
Newspaper articles and Printed Cards

Very good point, anyone want to take that up? A printed card was suggested, don't know if that's already been done. Cards could be handed out at Soup runs and by outreach teams, some charities may have the funds to do this especially as Crimbo is coming up.
Thank you for posting the report by Lemos & Durkacz, Abrecan.

It is a very worthwhile read if you have an interest in the subject of our

people on the streets. Much is being done by some good people, but

so very much remains to be done. There, but for the Grace of God etc, etc.

Good luck.
Thats an interesting read.

One can only hope that the MoD takes note of it. There will be more service personnel leaving with mental health problems than in the past 40 so years. I was on a course the other day and got talking to another student about military life etc. Unknown to myself the person I was talking to is employed as social worker, he said his work load had increased greatly with ex-service personnel with mental health issues and homelessness.

Thanks for the link Abrecan.


No problem. Factual reporting and new projects are a good read`for anyone involved with or responsible for our Forces and veterans, giving a great insight into our psyche, issues, and lifestyles.

As long as "professionals" and VIPs :wink: take the trouble to read them.
This happens to be the year to strike. All MP's will be asking us to vote for them, so lets ask them to do something for our veterans and service leavers. I have a project drawn up to address this issue and will email you if wanted? Please give time to locate and update first! It covers housing and mortgages.....


I would be keen to read it too. Have you thought of getting BAFF onside (stupid question)
I need to renew my membership mate. After coming back from Cambat Stress I got very angry with those most close. I need to mend that fence as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support on the other threats.


No dramas mate. If you talk sense I tend to agree (at least when I'm not talking bollox!)

Even without membership, if your proposals make sense, I'm sure BAFF could run with it.
All this is great guys, but in the end there are not enough places available and those that are trying to do something are not doing the full job, they all do bits, some re-house, some re-train, some de-tox the drug and alcohol users but no-one does it all. I am at present trying to set up a charity and a “social enterprise” where all the profits of the business goes straight back in to the company to provide more placements. I have got to say what a ball ache it all is. There is little funding from the government for all this and what there is, you have to jump through so many hoops to get it, it makes you want to give up. I have been at this for six months so far and the only funding I have got so far is to cover the cost of setting up the charity.

We all need to do something, but where do we get the cold hard cash to do it? My business plan calls for just short of £1.7million for a five year project that will help just 250 of the 1,100 homeless ex-service men and women.

Any ideas will be gratefully received.
I would suggest you talk with some of the forces charity groups. If your plan is workable and they can see that the help outweighs any loss, then should be happy to give you help or direction inwhich to get help.

Thats the only ideas I could give you.



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