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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mutley249, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. As this is a post which has no relevant forum, it's here, so bollocks.

    Just got back from a night in Peterborough, any one knowing the place will know market car park, multi story job next to the out door market oddly enough.

    I was walking down there tonight with a mate and the usual happened, any money for a cuppa mate. Fourth one down that said this I looked at and instantly recognised the fucker, we went through trade together. I told him to gather his crap up, come with us for a brew and grub.

    Walking into the cafe, he was told to leave, purely because the poor fucker was to be fair, in shit state and shit street. He has GSM NI also kosovo, I think he may have another as he went TA after regs and went on tour.

    I had two hundred and thirty left to draw on my card, I gave it to him and mate drove him to a B&B in the hope that he showered and got a good nights kip. Having explained all this to the landlady prior, we came down to be asked, 'why help helpless people like that', my mate and I were and still fucking outraged.

    I don't care that I will never get that money back, it does, however, upset me that so many bigoted senile pricks can assume that because a 'youngish' person is on the streets that they are helpless. I did offer him my spare room but the pillock 'didn't want charity'.

    More has got to be done to help people like him. A decent guy, helpful and appreciative, but also, too fucking proud to ask.

    I told him to go to the BL, failing that get over to me. Stubborn fucker won't though!

    Was only a rant, not a question. Fucking pisses me off though.
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  2. Ignorant, heartless cow.
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  3. He'll probably spend the cash on heroin and crack.
  4. Silly old cow still didn't understand when it was spelled out to her though.

    Just goes to show how people misinterpret and judge people though.

    Fucking awful!
  5. No. Usually I would agree with you, this guy is really not like that. I know guy's can go down the pan, but I have faith in this bloke. I just hope faith isn't diminished.
  6. I refer you to my last post. Give him food pay for a room never give someone on the street money or anything they'll sell for drugs.
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  7. Just curious mate did he actually tell you how things fucked up for him?
  8. Fair point and no offence intended. After having served with the guy, next to him and shaved the fuckers eyebrows off, several times. I find it hard to instantly turn around and say 'I don't trust you', I get where your coming from and hope I'm not wrong in my judgment. I will be the first to admit I was wrong. I prey not though.

    Just how this daft twat thinks of a person I openly call a mate.
  9. I never suggested you should say you don't trust him. If he's living rough chances are fairly high he's drinking or using drugs. Can't you say to him ' I'm worried you are drinking too much or are using drugs and I'd like to help'
  10. In my very humble opinion, he was fucked up after kosovo. He PVR'd right after, kept in contact to a degree but then his relationship went to rat shit.

    From what I picked up tonight/yesterday evening, he went back to his dad's council house, but dad died in Jan this year, he managed to stay at the house until march but now out on the street.

    It wouldn't surprise me if he was a prime candidate for anti depressants. He was certainly not in drink when we spoke to him, gopping yes, drunk, no.
  11. I point you up north to my previous.

    Get where your coming from though, if it isn't him, it may well be a shifty fucker that robs him. Job is done now though, he has the money and I hope that he uses it wisely.

    I would hate to be in that position or circumstance and if a guy walked by that I had served with, would hope they would offer me a brew and grub, anything else a bonus.

    I'm not sure I could turn down a muckers spare room though. Guess it's a pride thing and I can do this on my own??!!
  12. Keep an eye on your pal.
    If you knew him once and he was sound then he's still sound and will always be.
    It's his circumstances that have changed, sometimes stubborn f*ckers need to be shown they can take a bit of help and still be in control of things.
    You're hope won't be in vain, sometimes seeing old mates can be a catalyst and give you a boost.

    He who's done bad can also do good.
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  13. If you've plans for further contact with him perhaps you can delve deeper. If he does need drug treatment PM me and I'll find a local service or chuck him on a train and send him to me.
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  14. PM inbound.
  15. FFS wear a condom.
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